This month I delved for the first time into Australian artisan soaps by picking up a couple of Shaver Heaven soaps, in particular Sweet Almond Milk and Hubba Hubba.

First of all I would like to commend the artisan for is wonderful, vibrant and related packaging designs. The soap comes in a sizeable tub with ample loading room. The Labels are well done and water proof. I like that the names are simple and the scent components are listed clearly.

The soap itself is soft but not putty like and looks very much like a tallow based soap although this one is veggie made. The soap takes in the colourings of the oils used and Sweet Almond Milk is quite a dark brown and Hubba Hubba more of a beige creamy colour. It is very easy to load and lather up, no complications at all. The lather was thick and creamy and always appeared stable. On the face it felt good and hydrated, it stayed slick throughout the shave and provided good cushion.

Post shave is an area I think veggie soaps often can let themselves down but there was no such let down here. My face felt very good and I would say it's close to Soap Commander which is currently my favourite veggie soap, mainly for the post shave properties.

I let myself down when I chose the scents, the scent profiles were right up my alley but on arrival I liked what I smelt but was not enamoured. Scent is subjective so this should not sway you from trying these soaps. My thoughts for each are as follows:

SAM - I do get the almond but I thought it was overpowered by the Caramel. I also got the backing notes of Marzipan and Cherry which was a nice touch. I was disappointed because I was hoping for a sweet almond scent but it ended up closer to a caramel chocolate bar. Don't get me wrong it's nice just not what I was expecting.

Hubba Hubba - As the name suggest this smells just like the bubblegum, it's sweet and fruity but to me comes across as that synthetic fruity smell instead of natural. The Clove and spices do add something different and I can see many people liking it. I would add I didn't suffer any reaction to the Cinnamon oils which is good because occasionally I do.

Overall these soaps are fantastic and are definitely worth a try. I will try these again at some point but with different scents, I would probably aim for something more citrus like. Shaver Heaven has just released two new soaps one which contains a lot of Grapefruit and Orange oils. I think this is a great performing soap and is probably worth a punt if you haven't tried it already.

Please feel free to post your thoughts below, have a good day!

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Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
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Sounds like a soap I need to try. Great write up.

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Really like the smell of sweet almond milk. But seem to get irritation after second pass. Did you get any irritation? I'm going try it again with different blade brand and hope maybe less irritation. It's my most expensive soap. I'd thought any irritation would show up wit contact. Out of 3 shaves with it last was the worst first two were irk rated after 2 pass.

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No I didn't get any irritation from either soap.
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

Austin, TX
Great review Oli and thanks for sharing!

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For those not aware, Shaver Heaven until now, has been a non tallow formula.
This is the first soap using tallow.

I am a tallow man and have already ordered this, yet the standard of the soaps is that I own several of the non tallow versions, as they genuinely perform!
I'm expecting big things from this and it's advised there is a limited run for this soap.

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