I've personally found SV soaps to be excellent performers. It took a while to dial in the soap/water ratio but once I found it's sweet spot I was very impressed. So far I've used Manna and 70th.

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(03-05-2016, 12:25 PM)Merkur Man Wrote: I initially shared your experience with these soaps Brian.  It didn't seem to matter how long you spent loading on the puck, it never felt like I had anything loaded in the brush because all it did was froth up and look like it had way too much water and air in it to ever become something good. After-all, how can you make lather if you never feel like you can pick up enough soap to have a good go at it.  One day after being frustrated with the soap I decided to continue adding water in small increments to see what happened, well I am happy to report that, the small additions of water while building the lather is when all the magic happens.  These small additions can be incorporated while loading on the puck, while building on your face or in a bowl.  The result is one of the finest lathers I have ever seen/used. Give it another go.  The only other soap I have ever seen this counter-intuitive phenomenon happen with is Mitchell's Wool Fat.  Maybe I'll make another video... Confused2

I tried that as well Nathan and it still didn't give me acceptable results. With a water conditioning system going in today I could possibly see better results. I won't know for sure though with this soap as I've sold it off.
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I have rock hard water in my area, bathroom walls are white within minutes after a shower, and stay pale white if not cleaned frequently.

In 2011, when I began reading the shaving forums, I tried Mitchell Wool Fat shaving soap and some other soaps, and for the life of me could not get any decent lather out of it.

I rebought MWF in 2014, and had no problems getting quality lather from it.
I live in the same area now, so same type of hard water.

Only difference is my knowledge and technique.

I don't need to do anything special now with any of my 250-350 soaps and creams, even the cheap ones.
I just do the same - load the living crap out of the soap/cream, so the brush is overflowing mwith lather.

Start to create the lather on my face, adding drops of water as needed looking at the lather to see how much water is needed.

Lather explosed each and every time.

I own 5 Saponificio Varesinoe soaps and they all perform among the best in my collection.
I would say they are all in my Top 8 or so.......perhaps even higher...Top 5.

Better than my two Martin de Candre........bbut I also love my MDC, but actually my 5 SP soaps are all slightly better performers for me.

It still amazes me, how differently wet shavers can expereince a shaving soap/cream.

Also read about people thinking the Meißner Tremonia soaps and pastes lathers thin and bubly.
I get a very thick an dense lather from all my 14 MT soaps and pastes. Excellent performance.

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark
I have three SV soaps. the Felce Aromatica is my favorite though. I can say it is my favorite soap with Mikes being a close second.

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They lather and perform excellently.

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