I thought I would write a quick review of Saponificio Varesino Cosmo, I have had four or five shaves with it now which is plenty for me to have a good idea what this soap is about. Please feel free to comment below Smile

Packaging - 10/10

You have all seen the pictures, this soap is dressed to impress, something SV has done very well with previous soaps. The sleek dark grey matte tin with the gold raised label is on another level all together. It looks the part but it's also robust and a good size.

Scent - 8.5/10

This is deep and complex, please look up the scent pyramid for the full list of components. I pick out the coffee but it's not an intense aroma and it's well blended within the soap. I get a citrus note, which lifts the rugged darker notes and gives the whole soap a bright element that without it would come across to dark for my liking. I get some mild spice but it's not harsh and very smooth, if anything I would say this is the coriander. On the tail end, a sweet vanilla rounds out the soap beautifully. It's a great scent that I enjoy a lot but I have gone with 8.5 because it's not an everyday scent.

Lather - 8/10

I have built a consistently good standard of lather while using this soap but I will admit it feels as though it's needs a little bit more work than others. It's by no means difficult to lather you just need to give it a bit of love! Other than this its rich and provides good protection from the blade. It is slick but without putting the soap down it doesn't stand out in this element.

Post Shave - 9/10

This is where the soap really shines, the contents of the soap have done a great job of making my face feel great every shave and I have not felt the slightest bit of tightness in my skin. It is definitely one of very few soaps I would consider not using an aftershave with it, however that would mean missing out on the fantastic matching lotion.

Overall - 8.5/10

A soap that I think many people will enjoy, the whole package is very good and I find very classy. I have given it 8.5 for a few reasons. It's lather could be a fraction better, it's scent although great is not something I could use everyday and is it really worthy of a £20 price tag...in my opinion probably not, I would pay £10-15 though. As a whole I will keep the soap for a bit but it will not be an all time favourite.

Aftershave - 9.5/10

A quick note for the aftershave - More of a lotion than a splash or balm. Goes on great, feels great and just improves the already impressive post shave from the soap. I should say that the longevity of the scent was very impressive, I am talking 12+ hours. If your going to buy the soap I highly recommend the aftershave...if your going to buy one, buy the aftershave!

[Image: BvJ7nSJ.jpg]

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Nice review Oli and also a cool image! I would agree, packaging top notch. If Batman wetshaved, this would be the soap for him. Perhaps even some other superhero. Or villain.

Regardless, the lather quality takes a hit with me as well. Not bad but not great- particularly when compared relative to other offerings in today's market.

Nonetheless, well done!

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Thanks for the review Oli. Answered some questions I had. Will have to put this one on my list!

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Fantastic post Oli! What a great review format. And I have to say that the packaging looks very classy in that photograph Smile. I can see why you'd give it a 10/10 in this area.

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A great fragrance for autumn

Living on the edge
I dont think there's ever been a bad soap from SV....coffee isn't to my liking but
have enjoyed many of their soaps esp Beta 4.3

Felce Aromatica 4.3 might be the finest soap Ive ever lathered up with

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Thanks for the great review WindsorCitrus.  Like Tester28, I am not a big fan of coffee scented soap, but Beta 4.3 Felce Aromatica and Opuntia are both top shelf for me.

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I have this soap, but haven't used it for a year (or two). You've inspired me to find it in one of my bins. Thank you!

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SV 4.3 is in a different league. And their version of AdP Colonia is as close as possible to the original. Comes in 4.3 and in the same great package.

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I always liked their fragrances but not enough protection for my skin and too oily lotion giving me red bumps

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