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Company: RazoRock
Product: German 37 Slant    
Location: Canada
Website – German Slant 37

Last week Razorock had an a few announcements a new shaving soap and something that caught my attentions a German 37 slant razor.  I always wanted to try one but didn’t want to dump money into something that I might not like. The best part about this razor it only goes for $20.00 so no worries if it doesn't work out.

It took awhile to arrive because of the popularity of the product but it finally landed safe and sound. The razor was nestled in a black cardboard box with the words Classic Wet Shaving on one side and company’s logo on the others. Inside the box was a 5 pack of Derby Extra razor blades this reminded me of Men’s Soap Company they do the same thing with each shaving puck or tub. So after I removed the pack of blades there wrapped in tissue was the razor. I couldn’t wait to unwrapped it and once revealed I saw an assembled chrome plated highly polished 3-piece razor with bull dog handle just waiting for a blade.

Derby Extras are find blades but my preference is Personna Blue. So I placed one into the razor and began to put it together. I thought this is odd why can’t I get the handle to screw back on to the post? But after a few times and remembering to back thread to make it catch I was successful. After investigating further I found this issue to happen to more than just me. No explanation or remedy has been given except to remind you that this is a $20.00 razor.

I took the approached to this shave like I was using any other DE razor. I didn’t hold the razor any different or apply more or less pressure then I normally do. That being said slants in general are designed to be more efficient in removing thick, tough beards and less pressure is advised so take your time finding your own method that’s good for you. What I found was truly amazing. My shave was clean and close to perfect as I can remember. The slant really does make a difference and the best part of it is I didn’t have to spend much to find out. I’m not sure if another manufacture makes a slant as inexpensive at this one. So run to your computer and place an order I highly recommend it.

For Your Information:
Company: RazoRock
Product: German 37 Slant
Website – German Slant 37

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New Jersey
I have this razor and it's quickly become one of my favorites. It's very efficient and somewhat aggressive. That's exactly what I look for.

I'm glad someone else likes it. I thought there would be more talk about it here. I highly recommend it as well.

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Well Give it time we might have some more people chiming in but I'm going to bring this into my rotation of razors now it's that good.
It does look pretty much like a Merkur 37C, but in a three-piece configuration. The 37C is, in fact, my favorite razor and the one I reach for more often. I find it provides shaves almost as close as my Parker 26 OC, but being even more gentle on the skin.

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West Coast USA
Am I the only one a bit bothered that he named the razor the "37" which is the same model number as the Merkur? Joe does this try to confuse customers and make them think it's the same product thing a lot. It might be a nice razor but it's not the same thing as the 37C, just call it something else.

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I understand your concern and I have to agree with you.
Thanks for the lead on this razor.  I went over to get one, carted a black single edge too, but then couldn’t find where they keep the blades. Razors but no blades, can’t be right.  I’m going to work up another head of steam and give it a second go later.  If I’m missing something, please straighten me out.

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Paired with a heavier stainless steel handle, German Slant 37 delivers perfect results for me every single time. It's my only remaining non-adjustable razor - all others (Rockwell 6C, Parker Variant, Ikon Shavecraft SBS and Gillette Slim K-4) are all adjustable. I tried R41, 89, V3A - nope, nope and nope.

I lovingly call it "Die Gilliotine" - "The Gilliotine" in German.
I really enjoy my ATT S1 so I might just have to pick one of these up!

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