Pheonix & Beau has broken into the wet shaving world with a storm, and I am a little ashamed to say it's taken me this long to try it. Although I will also add I thought it may be a little over hyped, however the good reviews were followed by great reviews and great reviews followed by reviews claiming this could be the best soap ever...I gave in!

So for the past few days I have been testing this soap, I have two scents, Solaris and Spitfire. Here's my thoughts so far.

Presentation 9/10

This soap is presented well, in a wide plastic tub with 4oz of soap inside. There is plenty of room for whipping up a lather. The labels are finished nicely and are waterproof. I have heard the word flimsy used to describe the tubs used, I disagree with this. The tubs are solid just not as solid as some double walled tubs we see.  I believe it is Kerry's wife Sarah who has overall design control and she is doing a tremendous job. A great start from a company I know has more coming.

[Image: W1r0LyA.jpg]

Lather 9.5/10

This is quite simply one of the easiest soaps to lather no issues there, thick and protective lather is an easy target to reach. I was utterly shocked at the water intake, this soap can really take on huge amounts of water. It is very slick, up there with the best of them.

[Image: yqVNLJ8.jpg]
[Image: p2JN8B4.jpg]

Post Shave 9.5/10

This left me with a big big grin on my face after using it, my face felt so good. For the whole day my face felt soft and moisturised. I would place this close to Mystic Waters in terms of post shave.

Scent 8.5/10

Solaris: On initially opening the tub I was greated with a strong peppermint note that was very refreshing. This quickly subsided to the back ground making way to a 50/50 split between the lemon and rosewood. The woody notes are subtle enough that they do not make this an earthy scent. Rose and lemon is always a particularly nice match.

Spitfire: This is a great scent, it does remind me of that smell you get when you visit a museum and sit in an old spitfire plane. Leather seats with a slight lingering green tobacco scent. All supported by a fresh injection of juniper. I can make out all three components. This could easily pass for a barbershop style scent.

[Image: iFUhkze.jpg]

Overall this is a great soap, which is up there with the best and I am very proud that us Brits have a soap that not only stands it's ground our side of the pond but appears to be kicking some butt on the other side.

I am looking forward to a few more additions to the line. Albion is looking really good and for you mentol heads Denali is P&B first seasonal soap.

I know many of you have tried this soap but if you haven't I recommend it. Please feel free to add your views.

[Image: Hr2G9TL.jpg]
[Image: F7DqI0k.jpg]

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Dang, that's a slick looking lather!

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Great text & photos, Oli! Phoenix and Beau seem to be leading a new wave of British soap making, and from what I’ve gathered, Wickham Soap Co. will soon be offering steady support in the form of a new, praiseworthy formula.

Good to see the artisan offerings increasing on that side of the pond!

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Great review, Oli. Maybe I need to give this soap a try. I bought the Sanskrit a few weeks ago and sold, unused. Hated the scent and couldn't bring myself to using it.

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Nice review, Oli! I may have to try it, very soon if you recommend it. Shy

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(06-18-2016, 07:11 PM)Optometrist Wrote: Great review, Oli. Maybe I need to give this soap a try. I bought the Sanskrit a few weeks ago and sold, unused. Hated the scent and couldn't bring myself to using it.

I just bought all of them, and Sanskrit is by far my least favorite. The others are better IMO

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Thanks guys, it really is a great soap.

If I had a critism it would be that none of the current scents majorly stand out to me. Solaris and Spitfire are nice but they would not be favourites. I am however looking forward to Albion - Bergamot, Assam (tea) and Grapefruit.

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Just used this soap today.  I used Spitfire and this is the real deal.  Great manly scent, not for the weak at heart Big Grin

It is a very interesting combination and I actually found my ABC Apricot Hull AS balm to complement this soap.

One word to describe it, excellent!

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yeah, P&B is my fave soap, and I'm just getting into the other Brit offerings from OSP and Wickhams...it's really cool that the artisan soap scene in the UK is really taking off with such outstanding products. :-)

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Nice review Oli! Yet another one to try!

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- Jeff

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