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Mason Boutique Maya

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

As per other comments on Lillian, standard PET container for the soap, plenty of room to load with room at the top. The waterproof labeling across the entire line of soaps features Art Noveau pieces which I very much like. Very tasteful.

Scent: The scent profile of Maya lists  vetiver, floral, rosemary, patchouli, sandalwood, lemon and musk. Although the scent of Lillian was relatively subtle, Maya is stronger. Definitely in the mid range of scent strength and this combination of various components is extremely pleasant. Much like a fine recipe the acid of the citrus and subtle bite of the rosemary offset the other scents in the mix for a very complex yet effective blend.

Performance: Much like Lillian, it really does shine both during and post shave. With shea butter and glycerin I found the soap extremely easy to lather even having hard water and it offered superb cushion and slickness during the shave. I have neutral skin but found the post shave to be moisturizing and conditioning as well.

Customer Service: Along with the Maya, Jennifer Mason Marting included samples of both Vivian and Josephine. They each smell wonderful and I expect the performance to be top notch like both Lillian and Maya. Vivian is definitely a favorite with notes of sandalwood, hay, birch, tobacco, cinnamon, white Citrus, ginger and rum. Somewhat reminiscent of Fortitude from Soap Commander [my all time favorite of their scents to date] with a bit more complexity.

Final Thoughts: I segmented out scent to rate separately on Lillian but not necessary for Maya. It has a wonderfully pleasant scent and great performance for a solid overall rating of 8.5 and would make a great addition for anyone looking for a complex vetiver scent, very pleasant to use. Well done!

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Another great review Kevin, I took a look at these soaps the other day because of your review. The only thing stopping me buying at the moment is not many of the scents appeal to me. However I will keep on eye on this one Smile

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Enjoyed the read Kevin! Thanks for posting Smile. This brand looks interesting.

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Very nice review Kevin. Why oh why.......Can't buy any more soaps, I have too many for two lifetimes. Sounds lovely!

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Thanks gents- tried to put a bit more structure around thoughts on the soap vs. my usual "hey this is pretty good stuff".

I would say that this soap has me scratching my head as it seems it should be getting a lot more airplay based on the performance- quite good!

WindsorCitrus , the scents that I have sampled and reading the other's descriptions tend to the earthy/floral. Would be interesting to hear from Jennifer Mason Marting what the roadmap looks like. Maybe some citrus summer scents on the horizon? I'd be all over that as well!

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Nice review Kevin! Earthy/ floral sounds right up my alley! I really need to check these out. But like Hector said, don't really need any more soaps right now. I've already pretty much filled what little soap storage space I have at the moment!

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- Jeff

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I liked the review, kwsher!

This soap sounds very promising. The labels are nice and it sounds like the performance is good. Unfortunately, I, like the other folks here, already have way more soap than I need. We'll see, I might still have to try this one out. ;-)

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I would strongly encourage folks to order the six pack of samples for her line. I have found it hard to explain the scents of her soaps accurately since they include so many notes. I liked the scents better than the lather for MB.

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Thanks for the review Kevin!

I do have a few things coming up within the next few weeks as far as two different ladies joining my line.

I also want to note that a new formula is in the works for a second line of Mason Boutique soaps. I am very excited about this and cannot wait for it to release!

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Thanks Kevin, very well written review that I enjoyed reading.

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