I don’t know about you but when I go into places like Target, CVS and Bed and Bath I always look around for something new relating to wet shaving you never know what your going to find. That was the case last week when I came across something new on the shelf.  The product was from HYD for Men Shave Cream.
It comes in a tall black box with silver lettering. Above the word Shave Cream looks like an arrowhead logo. This shaving cream is not recommended for the use with a shaving brush but rather you work it into your skin like a moisturizer so the blade glides over your skin to reduce friction and irritation.  Here is how they describe how the shaving cream works. Our soothing low lather formula is designed to provide superior coverage while using less shave cream. As a result, your razor will perform better and your blades won’t clog from excess shave cream.”
The scent on this cream is like that of Creamo. It looks like they took the scent profile of that and just tweaked it to make it their own but not in a good way. I prefer the Creamo scent.
I began my shave following the directions. The process was like taking a hand full of moisturizer and applying it to my face to shave with I didn’t like the feel or the scent. I prefer a lathering cream. The directions told me not to go against the grain. Now every wet shaver I know will shave against the grain to get a real close shave. If what they are trying to sell you on is how slick and irritation free your shave will be then they should encourage it. The coverage was not even close to what I get with lather and as for the clogging of my razor that didn’t go away with this product at all.  
This product is trying to be the hip shaving cream but if falls real short on performance. If I wanted to shave with a moisturizer I would just use Soap Commander balm and work that into my face and shave with it. They also try to upsell you on something called “Razor Shield” to extend the life of your razor blade. What a bunch of crap that is. The Razor Shield is a joke at $21.99 for 15mL. The price of this shaving cream is $12.99 for 5.07fl oz.
Not a Fan
You have been warned!!
Here is the link to the website http://hydformen.com/

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