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Company: De Vergulde Hand
Product: De Vergulde Hand
Location: Netherlands
WebSite - De Vergulde Hand

Last week I noticed a twitter conversation describing a shaving soap that just arrived on the door step of my friend Magnus who lives in Sweden. I commented that the soap looks interesting and thanks to Melvin Hollenberg I had the same soap delivered to my front door as well. That shaving soap is called De Vergulde Hand or The gilded Hand from this Dutch company located in the Netherlands. I was told the soap is a big part of the Dutch shaving culture there. In fact, this company origins dates back some 450 years.  

I really love the packaging it has the same colors that make up the Swedish flag. A light weight plastic with a real nice snap on lid. On the side it reads “All 450 years’ trendsetter in shaving” seems like that might know a thing or two about it. The walls of the tub seem very thin, thinner than the top or bottom. So do you want to load your brush from this? I think you could but for me it’s just a place to store your soap when not in use.

The scent on this is one of the cleanest and freshest I’ve come across in awhile. It’s on par with some of the best I’ve tried. This is a light scented soap which increases during lathering but ends 20 to 30min after the shave is over. It’s a shame because it just that good.

The lather was impressive I was able to create a thick creamy yogurt like consistency that was gripping my 5-day old beard which in turn provided great coverage. Your going to experience some of the best slickness and glide with this soap. If you take a look at the video I go over some trouble spots many times without any issues or irritation of any kind and it ended with a terrific post shave feel.

I’m so glad I had a change to try this. It should be on every wet shaver’s bucket list for sure.
I’ve never seen it sold in the states but if you can find it here treat yourself and get a puck.

Company: De Vergulde Hand
Product: De Vergulde Hand 2.6oz $3.44
WebSite - De Vergulde Hand

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I don't believe that the company is called Scheerzeep. Rather scheerzeep is Dutch for shaving soap. The company name is De Vergulde Hand.

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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

Chazz Reinhold HOF
The last time I went to Amsterdam I picked a bunch of those for friends. They are very cheap and it is a nice soap for the price.

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I think you can buy this from TheHandleBar if he still has any in stock.

EDIT: Nevermind, it says unavailable at this time.
- Jeff

My dutch is not that good thats for pointing this out (Red Face)

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