Company: Bronson Soap Company
Product: Speedway
Founder: Jeremy
Location: Union City, CA

I received Samples of Bronson Soaps a while back and finally had the chance to use them for a week. I have the original puck he created when he started called Old Timer. This was a Glycerin based shaving soap and the scent is so good and was a hot seller for Jeremy. So now he’s stepped up his game. Gradually going from Vegan barbershop shaving soap which he sold out of to a tallow based one. The Tallow based soap is called speedway and it’s based on the Old Timer glycerin soap he started with bringing back the original scent that started it all.

I ask Jeremy how did he get into wet shaving “I got into traditional wet shaving since I don't like electric razors and expensive cartridge razors sometime irritate me. Once I got my first safety razor I was hooked and I look forward to shaving. As far as hobbies I like stuff I can make or build. Usually it's Vintage British motorcycles but when I got into wet shaving I take that same way of thinking and look at how to make it myself.” Why the wild bore as a logo? “a boar’s head is on my family crest and I felt it was a good symbol for the business. Heraldry and the associated artwork is something I've been interested in for a long time.”

So I received the sample size tub of Speedway and when using this size tub, I would definitely recommend a bowl to lather from. The soap is soft to the touch and you can push your finger right down in to it. This makes it really easy to place in any lathering bowl, and man did it lather. This rich creamy lather came right up and it didn’t take long to create some nice peaks. The scent had stared to decrease and continued to do so right to the end. Leaving me with little scent to enjoy.

I used my Nathen Clark shaving brush to apply the lather and it had such great coverage, a thick lather indeed. For this shave I used my Scotch and Stowe fatty. Everything was going well until I started to get some nicks in areas that I usually have no problems with. I started to notice that the slickness and glide was kind of on the light side. When the shave was finished it was close but lacking in a good post shave feel.

So I did enjoy the shave but for me I think we have room for improvement here. I love the creamy rich lather it’s just the slickness and glide that I think needs a boost. Jeremy is a one-man operation I know it’s tuff to have a fulltime job and do this in your spare time. This of course is still my opinion so don’t just go by me judge for yourself

Bronson Soap Company
Speedway Shaving Soap  $10.00 4oz

Now that you read about it see the video


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