Company: Arko
Product: Extra Fresh Ice Mint


Looking for something new I reached into a subscription box and pulled out this tube of shaving cream from Arko called Extra Fresh ice mint. The packaging looks like something from the toothpaste aisle. Very modern look nothing like the Arko stick I was used to seeing. When I read “Ice Mint” I really wanted to try it. 

So I reached for my scuttle and thought I’m going all out for this shave. I made the scuttle nice and hot, added a little water and a dab or two of the shaving cream into the cup.  I used my Simpsons Commodore X2 best badger brush and started to lather.  As I started building the lather I notice the scent, a pleasing clean modern scent and now the mint was showing up. The den was starting to take on the fragrance of the cream. I was enjoying this process.  The scent was strong at this point and the lather was hot and ready to apply. 

When I started to lather my face I could feel this was going to be different from other Arko products I’ve used in the past. I started to notice menthol along side the mint and the combination of the two was an amazing feeling. I waiting about a min or so before shaving I wanted to see if the menthol mint effect would intensify and it did. 

During the shave the lather performed very well. I could have used a little more slickness but it didn’t affect the over all shave. I closed out the shave with a little Soap Commander Integrity.

I was very happy with Arko Extra Fresh. It was an enjoyable shave and menthol mint effect was a big surprise for me. 

Arko - Extra Fresh Ice Mint
Price $4.00


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