It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
Looks like a launch date for sometime in January. I'm not a fan of slants but, I might bite on this.....


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Says Instagram refused to connect.?

Colorado Springs
I have a first gen Wunderbar and it is a monster. Given your attraction to aggressive razors I definitely think you should give it a try.

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I own one too and it’s the most efficient DE razor In My collection. It’s not scary to use.

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I got the first batch when it came out and it is still my best performing razor of any category. This is the only one where I can get a one pass plus touch up BBS. Don't know if I will spring for another since RR said no change to the geometry, although the serial number, brand, and name are nice touches.

It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
Great look at the automated machining process as the Wunderbar head is being cut on a multi axis CNC machine.


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