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Dropped into Pasteur and bought a bottle of Respect aftershave balm. My experience with balms is fairly limited--Proraso (all of them, I think); Nivea Sensitive Skin; Neutrogena; Razorock, Art of Shaving. 

The scent is lime and patchouli. The latter dominates after the first half hour and it's a truly wonderful patchouli. I love the fragrance and would've bought the Respect soap but am on a self-imposed soap moratorium. 

The balm is fairly thick. It's easy to dispense. It felt wonderful with a light menthol kick. My face loved it, soaked it in. Enormously soothing. And reasonably priced. 

I have a new favorite balm. Will go back next week for another scent.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
I am really enjoying Soap Commander products. I prefer the Wisdom, but I think I will try some Respect

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I'm glad you liked the balm. Soap Commander is a phenomenal company with terrific products.
Excellent products.  The Respect and Courage are my go to shaving soaps.

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