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Thanks to DFS members, am reporting on a rather large PIF to a local Live in Drug Rehab Programme in Atlanta conducted the early morning of 01 March 2024.

As a result of your generousity, we donated 55 synthetic brushes and 80 soaps and cremes.

The Programme:
This particular programme requires a solid commitment of those enrolled to stick it out for 18 months inhouse 24/7 rehabilitation.  The screening is thorough and the requirements onerous although it is 100% zero cost to participants.  Without any intention of disparagement, these are the guys that have hit bottom and are absolutely determined to set their lives straight.  In the 15 years since started, they have had zero relapse amongst graduates and the very few quitting have all had to be buried within weeks from drug overdoses at an adjacent cemetery (as the organization commits to providing a final resting place free of charge for any so requiring).

It was a religious experience being there - the programme is run by serious men for purpose, not profit.  Frankly, it was emotionally overwhelming at times.  These are what much of our society considers throw aways - they aren't and we are fools to permit this attitude to persist.

The programme accepts new recruits biannually, having 3 groups supporting one another throughout any participant's tenure.  The first group to receive the PIF was the most senior, assembled in a large meeting hall at 07:00 as well appointed as one would expect from a corporation.  There were about 100 participants in attendance and most showed interest in the quality brushes and soaps on offer.  All commented that the standard issue Cremo creme was far less than pleasant, especially so as they are required to shave daily.

The PIF's origin and purpose as an outgrowth of the generousity of DFS members was discussed: who provided the donation, the quality of the people of DFS and their genuine concern that others have access to quality goods for shaving without consideration for ability to pay.  Afterwhich, the reason for limiting the donation to synthetic brushes given the men's time constraints and communal living conditions was discussed followed by a quick tuition on how to lather cremes and soaps for daily quick 1 pass shaves minimising irritation and passing house standards.  A few volunteers were given the opportunity to test lather on stage with multiple bowls set out.  They found it quite easy; much less so than feared for something new.  All commented that the lathers felt significantly better on their skin than Cremo.  We concluded with some tips on preparing the skin, rinsing the skin thoroughly and employing witch hazel to finish off as well as general questions.

We concluded the formal presentation within an hour, remaining to answer specific questions regarding individual's particular problems, making recommendations for which soap to try first and promising to followup on any further questions and problems they may encounter.

Thanks to all of you, this was a resounding success and we have been asked to continue providing such support.  Minimally, would hope we can gather another 50 synthetic brushes in short course, a lot of cremes (as we donated all we had) and soaps, especially those particularly gentle on skin.  

From my perspective, it was the most decent thing have undertaken in many years.  Thank you for providing the means to have the privilege of serving these men, making their lives a little better as they battle to get back in the game.

Thank You!!

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About to launch a brush and creme/soap donation campaign

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