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While I had the Epoxy out, for a brush handle reknot, I decided to attack a cracked ball tip handle via instruction I got off B&B. I used a clamp and a couple of zip ties. The zip 2018_Dec_31_6995_LR.JPG 2018_Dec_31_6995_LR-2.JPG ties did not work so well for me. The crack is taken care of but doesn’t look that great (guess I should have snapped a before pic). I will try again using 2 clamps. [Image: XPjUYK8.jpg][Image: ChYHzdp.jpg]
Second try today. Although the handle is certainly usable and I believe the crack is no longer a factor... I just don't seem to be getting a good closure (appearance wise).[Image: ZlzfYRZ.jpg]
What is it you are trying to achieve?

If you are doing this just as an exercise in repairing a cracked handle, I have tried the epoxy route to stabilize smaller cracks. they will still show up as a crack, but for the most part, they won't get worse (hopefully).

If you are looking for a pristine handle to use for a razor that is otherwise in good shape, I can recommend these two places:

Razor Emporium is doing new manufacture replicas of the ball end handles

Back Roads Gold is salvaging good condition original ball end handles and replating them

Then again, you can do what I did (which I got the idea from someone else on another forum)

[Image: xhrI6qW.jpg]

Carbon Fibre Tube
[Image: Y4TeDXc.jpg]

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don't know anything about repairing the handles but Razor Emporium does sell a replica ball end handle that he says shouldn't crack...at a good price too!

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As great as Gillette was in making razors and brass handles this problem of ruptured handles must have some thing to do with their manufacturing process. Of course it probably has taken years for this to happen and Gillettes equipment is probably stored away in a warehouse that nobody even cares about. I think buying a new handle from Razor Emporium is a great idea.

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