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Behold, Red Planet 369! First 50 CK-6 Bundles Include Limited Edition Collectible Holographic Label!

Scent Notes: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Rose, Cedar wood, Ambrette ( Musk ), & Amber.

[Image: SpuGsiA.jpg]

The One That's Off Your Radar...Let's Fix That!

Red Planet is an Exotic, Sensual, Atomic Age fragrance that will stir up the kind of desire and mystery few can resist. The vast expansiveness of the ancient, Martian desert-scape, the riddle of the pyramid shaped formations; powdery soft woody notes dance on top of a warm, dynamic musk that surrounds a beatific floral accord, brightened by a splash of citrus. Pretty out of this world stuff, I promise!

A Phoenix Shaving Classic!

Red Planet is one of those scents often missed by our customers it seems and that's a damn shame...and probably my fault. You see, I have a history of giving it boring labels. I'm not sure what that is all about, but being a believer in this scent I thought I would yet again try to make others aware of how frig'n awesome it really is! Especially as a cooler weather scent! My goal is to get as many gents this fall and winter wearing it. It's a real sensual, head turner!

Those who know, know. (They also smell magical)

So with that in mind, I dedicate this latest release to the folks that, like me, are true Red Planet believers! Meaning, I grew the line! Now Red Planet will be also be available in both Menthol Free & Mentholated Star Jelly, Shampoo/Conditioning Puck, Solid Cologne, and A Deodorant!

I'm especially impressed with the deodorant & really have no idea why it took so many years to create one!

Also, in celebration of the new artwork, we have some NEW killer offerings in the merch department too! lol, even an EPIC pillow for the man-cave, movie room, dorm or den! It will definitely liven up any room in the house...or tree fort! [We make it fun, no?]

A Much Needed Face-Lift or Meet Red Planet 369

Fear not Red Planet Freaks, it's still the same great Masculine, Martian Barbershop you fell in love with oh so many years ago, just a slight name change and a label change...kinda.

As always, this label has played a part in shaping the narrative within the Phoenix Shaving Universe, like a guide post. Believing this important I could not completely change it. The essential story-telling devices are still there just, um...sexier! I hope you fine folks enjoy it as much as I do. This is EXACTLY the kind of treatment this EPIC scent ALWAYS needed.

The Red Planet 369 Collection: Original CK Formula, Ultra Premium CK-6 Formula, Aftershave/Cologne, Star Jelly, Eau De Parfum, Solid Cologne, Deodorant, Body Soap, Shampoo, Premium Beard/Preshave Oil, Beard Balm, Vent Scents (Air Freshener), Shirts, Prints, Stickers, Mugs & More!

Have A Great Weekend Folks & Shave On!

Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving


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