Guys- we were really proud to work on this customer Red Dot that was in serious need of restoration.

We decided to make a video with the start to finish process that goes into our revamp service.

It has certainly evolved over the years - we have continued to push the envelope as to just how to go about getting the best visual and mechanical results out of vintage razors.

Here are some before photos as taken by the customer, Gary H of Riverside, CA:

[Image: 1.jpg?t=1449445213]

[Image: 2.jpg?t=1449445230]

[Image: 3.jpg?t=1449445242]

[Image: 4.jpg?t=1449445253]

And here are some after pics:

[Image: 5.jpg?t=1449445306]

[Image: 6.jpg?t=1449445318]

[Image: 7.jpg?t=1449445335]

[Image: 8.jpg?t=1449445398]

The repair was more than just aesthetic- in the words of Gary:

"This Red Dot was roached out in very bad shape I almost passed but went ahead and had him pick it up for me. When I saw the pics I realized it was in exactly the condition he stated really bad. My buddy suggested I let him pass it on to Matt at Razor Emporium which did not sit well with me being a home repair guy. After pondering my friends suggestion for a day I asked him to go ahead and send it in to Matt for the full treatment which gave me a stomach ache. The razor had a nicked door, no 1/4 turn, did not adjust, blade gap off, roached plating with pitts everywhere and another half dozen problems."

We were happy to follow the razor throughout our shop as it received a full mechanical restoration, surface prep, plating and detail. Here is our short video showcasing the start to finish process:


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Awesome job and very interesting video! Thanks for sharing. I now know where I'll be sending any vintage razors I acquire that I want restored.
- Jeff

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Nice video, Matt. I'm sure many people here have never seen a plating operation.

I called on several commercial plating outfits long ago. They had plating tanks that were 15 ft. long x 3-4 ft. wide x 2-4 ft. deep. They plated anything from automotive parts (bumpers and the like) to small stuff on contract. One had to be careful walking around in those places. Many bad things could happen to you. The smell, alone, was enough to knock you out!

Continued success,
Does Mean I Must Buy High End Shaving Gear?

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Matt, that was absolutely fascinating. A very well done video, with the exception of that disquieting soundtrack.

Thank you for posting it.
What finish was that?

Awesome job and awesome video! Never seen that process before, thanks for sharing Big Grin
Very good job, Thanks for showing us the process
Such an amazing well-done job, and lot of hands over the razor. Beautiful and think proudfully of the end result. I'll share video with colleagues, so we learn

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I've previously sent three to Matt. Intersting to see first hand the effort that goes into the revamp. I'll be sending my 54 Super Speed in Jan. It would make me nervous having my birthday razor out there in the Xmas shipping maddness.

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