Idaho Falls, Idaho
I just filled another bank of used razor blades and as it seems my hobbys run to "sharp" things, knives, axes, archery. I wondered if any of you craftsmen out there have welded up a slug of old DE blades and beat it into a knife? I understand the concept of multi-layer Damascus steel but as a farm welder I also wonder about the usefulness of such slim blades being useful as knife material. It sure would be cool to have a knife made of de blades (as long as no Merkur blades get included or the darn thing wouldn't cut). Anyone else thought about this? Has anyone done it?

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Nashville, TN
This is a very interesting idea. I don't make knives and don't know whether the steel in the blades would come together to make quality damascus, though it would be really cool if they did.

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I go along with Pete on this matter.

Merkur blades can not cut. (I"ll be darn!)

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