Particularly SMN tobacco tuscano and Penhaligon’s

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As a fragrance enthusiast, I highly recommend Essenza Nobile out of Germany. You can't get SMN there, largely because their stuff is almost exclusively sold in the boutiques. However, you can get Penhaligon's and most other brands. Penhaligon's is one of the few that is not much cheaper in Europe, but a lot of other brands (such as Creed and Acqua di Parma) are actually significantly cheaper when ordering abroad. Their competitor is First in Fragrance, which is also nice, though I prefer Essenza Nobile.

I know some have had good experiences with discounters. I can't recommend them due to a few bad experiences (and 0 good ones) with shady and/or damaged juice.

Full disclosure: I write for the Essenza Nobile blog (Fragrance Daily) and receive samples for free. That said, my recommendation is as unbiased as it could be. I ordered from them regularly before starting to blog.

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