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I have 100+ Feathers as my “aggressive” blade and have chosen the Voskhod as my “smooth” blade over Personna Blue and Astra SP. Bought a couple hundred of the Voskhod. Now I need something in between. Usual suspects would be: Polsilver, Gillette Silver Blue, Gillette Yellow or Green, Shark, ...?
I have some sensitive skin issues on my neck so I’m looking for something to fit between the two. A little more aggressive than the Voskhod without the harshness of the Feather. I don’t know. Whatcha think?
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I'd say Polsilver, or maybe a Gillette Rubie.
Blades aren't "aggressive" per se. Smoothness is being imparted by the coatings and sputtering applied by the makers. Different blades do have different hone angles as well and it's up to you to find the best blade that mates best with your razor. Prep & technique will aid greatly in determining this once you have your favorite razor selected. Don't always blame a blade for irritation and a bad shave when it might be that you are merely using a razor too aggressive for your beard/face which is usually the case for many new DE shavers (along with poor prep) as they are trying to duplicate a shave like that imparted by a disposable. They are two entirely different beasts. One has "power steering" and the other doesn't.  Wink

A common misconception is that some DE blades shave better after a use or two when in reality what is happening is that the blade coating(s) is/are wearing off thereby revealing the "true" edge of the blade which while sharp will deteriorate more rapidly due to wear. How fast that happens depends on the quality of the blade manufacture and it is here where Gillette almost always buries their competitors as they have R&D'd this not unlike NASA & rockets. The Voskhod  blade mimics a better Gillette blade to a degree as the maker has "glooped" on old technology Teflon that quickly erodes revealing it's true inferior edge. I wouldn't try to get seven shaves on one anymore than I'd try to make a hooker my wife for seven days.

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BPman, thanks for the reply. I’ve been at this for a number of years so I have my process down pretty solid. I also understand keen edges(Feather) and obtuse edges that we consider smooth (Voskhod) et al. I know that the different manufacturing processes use either blade angle and honing techniques that create the desired bevel or they use the tomfoolery of coatings to get the perceived result. I’m looking for the former. Just a straight ahead, solid middle ground edge bevel. Not as keen as the Feather and not as obtuse as the Voskhod
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The good people of this world are very far from being satisfied with each other and my arms are the best peacemakers.

Samuel Colt, letter to Charles Manby, May 18, 1852

I agree with your Voskhod choice for a smooth easy shave. My favorite "mid range" blades that provide a smooth shave are Polsilver, Nacet, and Personna Israeli Reds. I know that some say the Personna Blues are the same as Israeli Reds, but IMHO there is a difference. The Israeil Reds are smoother for some reason. I have found the Gillette Silver Blues and Yellows are sharper than the three I mentioned. Everyone will have a different opinion, therefore you will need to determine what works best for you and your razors of choice.
BPman, thanks. Done.
Captainjonny, good recs. I’ll give them a try.

Thanks guys

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My go to for Wolfman razors is Timor - smooth as silk from day one and long lasting Extremely sensitive skin issues
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This is a good place to buy also. Great prices too.


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