2 slices of bread
slices of cheese (not processed cheese)

Cheese Slicer

Butter the bread on one side only (butter both pieces)
Put bread slices on top of each other (buttered sides touching)
Slice some cheese and layer it over the top piece of bread
Spread some mustard over the cheese
Assemble sandwich so the buttered sides are facing out.
Preheat frypan (no oil - look at all that butter....)
Put sandwich in pan.
Flip sandwich a few times until bread is browned and cheese is melted.

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Thats a classic recipe for sure. Any special kind of bread?
Mustard with the cheese sounds like it would make a really good toastite. That would go fantastic with Trader Joe's Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup and a glass of Nerola or Valpolicella!

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Very similar to my approach- I actually grate some fresh Parmigiano Reggiano and cover the outside of the bread [typically use Franco American bakery sourdough bread from my wife's hometown that we order and keep brown/serve in the freezer].

The PR adds a nice complement to the cheese/spicy mustard and gives a great texture too! Always served with a tomato soup in the winter- classic combo!

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With a cold front moving through Austin it was a perfect weekend for grilled cheese. I had something in mind a little different.

Locally sourced mozzarella cheese, heirloom tomato, balsamic reduction and what will likely be some of the last of the basil from our garden.

Add my typical parmesan to the outside of the bread and it was basically a hand held caprese salad.

Came off great!

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Sounds delicious, Kevin.

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You forgot fried salami. I agree, a side of Tomato Soup is a must.

Please excuse the plastic cutlery and plate (we are in the midst of a kitchen reno), but this was ours from other night. Had to grill them on my Griddle-Q on the BBQ for a quick meal before taking the kids to an AHL game.

Fresh sourdough, old cheddar, Monteray Jack, butter on the inside and outside of bread, soup with a few splashes of Cholula hot sauce. Fry deli salami in cast iron and place in sandwich when done. The melted cheese holds it all together but make sure to degrease the salami a bit with paper towel before adding to sandwich

[Image: c4c874f4a1877c95602399bb12002e13.jpg]

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@bruce your GC looks great- the Cholula a must for the tomato soup. Well crafted!

Man I want some grilled cheese and tomato soup now! The last "gourmet" one I made had provolone, pesto and a nice thick slice of tomato. Delicious!
- Jeff
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For a heartier version, make a double decker. Simply put a piece of bread in the middle and grill as normal.

We do it all the time when one sandwich isn't enough, but two is too much.

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