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We purchased a waterproof bluetooth speaker to use at camp. We have satellite radio but clouds play havoc with reception. We decided a bluetooth speaker just for camp would be good.

While perusing them we decided to spend a few extra bills and get a waterproof version. This will get most used out on the deck. Waterproof would be a benefit if we left it out overnight or if it rains.

It is a Phillips model and sounds great plus the battery lasts a long time.

Here is a picture of the bottom of the speaker and the instructions manual.
[Image: D4T0JnQ.jpg]

Notice anything? The speaker clearly says "waterproof wireless portable speaker" while Item 5 states "Do no use this apparatus near water". Smile

Made me chuckle.

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You should send that into Consumer Reports, Phil, for their "Selling It" page. Big Grin

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This reminds me of when I bought a watch that had the text “Water Resistant 50 m” on the watch face. The first time I went swimming with it, the watch stopped working.

I returned the watch to the store and told the salesperson what had happened. He said: “Well, this watch is only water resistant, it’s not waterproof.” I’m standing there thinking to myself: “Um, what do you think that ‘50 m’ could possibly mean…?”

I suppose logic escapes us all at times. Confused2

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Nice! Big Grin

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