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I stumbled upon some vintage razors where the seller suggested that these razors are cleaned and disinfected and therefore are ready to be used. Maggard's is the seller. They now also sell used vintage razors for some reason.

Well, this arises a question. Are they actually ready for use? 

I mean, you disinfect the razor, but then you put it back in its filthy case. We know that you can't disinfect most of the vintage razor cases, except those they're made exclusively out of plastic, for example the plastic Gillette Slim case. The inner carpet of the sets (New Deluxe, Aristocrats etc.) can't be disinfected the way you might think. On top of that, they look like they were never cleaned thoroughly. If you put it back in there, the razor needs to be disinfected again. It's a no-brainer. So, the razors are NOT ready for use in my honest opinion.

And I'm not only talking about what I saw on their site. It's something I see quite often.

I've found dozens of Gillette and other vintage razors in the wild. I have years of experience. With a few exceptions, I mean less than a handful, all the other cases were filthy at best. They had that distinctive mold scent. You have to be extremely careful with this.

Hopefully most members understand my point here. Always disinfect your razor properly and do not trust such misleading listings, be it from an online vendor or an Ebay/Etsy seller.

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Are you a microbiologist? You're getting goofy with the quarantines in place and that's understandable. Have a drink & relax.

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(04-01-2020, 03:57 PM)BPman Wrote: Are you a microbiologist? You're getting goofy with the quarantines in place and that's understandable. Have a drink & relax.

Coming from the covid19 expert... I still remember your thread. Were you a doctor when you were saying all these gibberish?

I'm not a microbiologist but I don't lack of common sense. The majority of people who dabble in vintage items know where these are usually found. I just wanted to advise my fellow members. That's all.

The last thing I want at the moment is to discuss with people I don't value their opinion. Sorry. To be ignored from now on. Keep the condescending tone to yourself.

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To all members.

This has nothing to do with the new virus.

If you feel ok to use a "cleaned" razor that comes with a filthy case, be my guest, I'm not telling you what to do. I'm giving you an advice based on my experience with vintage items.

I'm not just another member that buys vintage razors only from online sites.

I've interacted with many sellers, I've visited open marketplaces, flea markets, antique stores, thrift stores... I have lots of stories to say.

What I know is that items like these are usually found in garbages, damps, abandoned homes in horrible condition etc. Ignorant people can laugh all they want at this. That won't change what happens in reality.

Sellers will try to pull a fast one on you. Don't let them.

I once found a wonderful New Deluxe. Its case was so filthy that was even bitten by rats. I kept the razor and threw away the case. Do you want to hear more? Do you believe that all of these sets come from collectors? You have no idea.

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Thanks for starting this thread @"nikos.a".  You may not have had the Corona virus in mind, but I do, and I think this is an important topic to discuss now.

I never assume that a razor is clean and disinfected, and certainly not the case, but I act much differently in non-pandemic times.  Even a new in box razor from a reputable seller can be tainted without the seller realizing it, but that seems unlikely.  So in non-pandemic times, I may just rinse the razor or wash it in soap and water, whereas used and vintage razors would be cleaned and then disinfected with Barbicide.  Nowadays, any razor I might buy will be cleaned if necessary and disinfected thereafter, and will be handled with exam gloves until it comes out of the Barbicide soak.  

As for vintage or used cases ... I never assume they are clean, but I don't worry about it too much in non-pandemic times.  I don't use these cases daily, and I don't spend money on them unless the razor alone makes the purchase a good deal for the price.  Unless I have an open wound, I don't worry about handling vintage cases, and on rare occasions I will use them in a shave-of-the-day photo.  I just wash my hands and the razor when done.  When it comes to storing razors, I find cases lined with pick-and-pluck or egg crate foam work best for me.

A few other things I am doing don't pertain specifically to the OP, but briefly:
  • I have not yet ever bought used brushes or previously lathered pucks, and I am not starting the practice now.
  • I quarantine every package I can for 14 days - [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]not just shaving items -[/font] unless it's contents are urgently needed.  I do this even though the CDC, Surgeon General, and WHO all say there is no evidence of the Corona virus being spread through the mail.  This is not the same as a guarantee or a claim that all parcel contents are virus free.
  • I am being as restrained and careful as I can manage when it comes to buying items that might be absorbed through the skin, like soap and cosmetics.  The last two I bought were cosmetics, one of which was "made in the USA" and the other of which was bottled in the USA from globally sourced ingredients.
Is this regimen bulletproof?  Of course not.  Is it excessive?  I hope so.  I just think there is a lot we don't know right now about SARS-Cov-2, and we have a lot of risk factors in our household.  Like they say "You pay your money and take your choice."

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I share some of your concerns about razor cases and razors. I disinfect everything. Upon receiving the razor I disinfect the razor. Using lint roller or tape removing the debris from the felt lining of the case. If you can remove the inserts out of the case it is best. Use a mister to spray them good with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and let them dry (inserts). Wipe outside and inside of the bare case with a towel that has alcohol on it and let it dry. If you dry it yourself the alcohol doesn’t have time to kill the bugs. Do not saturate the case as in immerse it in alcohol bath. The cardboard pieces will fall apart. Do not scrub either.
Mind you I don’t have many cases, but this works for me...
Quarantining parcels sounds like a good idea...

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Maybe mine is a professional deformation.
But I do not think there is actually a used product ready-to-use immediately after unboxing.

Personally, I also give a good wash even to newly made products before put on my skin. Wink 
Just in case ...

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I trust my cleaning of a used piece of gear and no one elses*. Everyone has different standards and I have no idea what theirs are and why should I trust it?

No one cares as much about me as I do, not even my Drs, no matter how good they are.

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I'm with you on this Nikos, somehow I don't have a high level of confidence that Mr. Maggard cleans these items as thoroughly as he might if he were putting a razor blade in them and shaving his own face.  As ShadowsDad said, I trust my cleaning and nobody else's .

A few years ago my father gave me his old Gillette Aristocrat - it was in rough shape but the case was worse.  I had the razor restored and replated by RazorPlate but the box is a write off - I've been looking on and off on eBay for an old aristocrat with a nice case for cheap.  For the record, since restoration the razor hasn't been near that old box.

[Image: IZB0gZp.jpg]
[Image: 6AVZC7u.jpg]

[Image: M3el0YO.jpg]

[Image: QiSx2Nj.jpg]

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Marko thanks for the photos.

Hopefully now some understand better what I meant.

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