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I was intrigued by some indications on the RazoRock “Silvertip Plissoft” fiber.
Both of the greater density and of the greater sweetness of the fibers.
Looking at the Italian Barber website, I see that there are two models:
• BC | 24x57x117mm / 96g

• Chrome | 24x57x120mm / 187g

What attracts me most is the BC.
I thought it was a 2020 novelty, instead looking on the net I see it as a model already reviewed in 2017.

I have read of indications that point towards the Muehle STFv2, but frankly having it I do not recognize it.
Instead, it reminds me of Vielong Sintético (Extra Soft) G4 fiber, which should be the same as Frank Shaving's.
Even in the descriptions of the behavior I find all the characteristics of this fiber.

The product description is also consistent.
VSHOD Australia wrote:
RazoRock have greatly improved on the Standard Plissoft Shave Brush Knot with another amazing Brush.
The Razorock BC Silvertip Synthetic is even softer on the face than the Standard 24mm Plissoft Brush and comes with a beautiful and practical Solid and mostly Crystal Clear - Acrylic Handle. At this price it is easily the best luxury Shave Brush you can buy. It features a superb 24mm synthetic Silvertip fiber knot with a 57mm loft set in a heavy and solid shiny black and clear acrylic barber handle with the RazoRock logo stamped on the base.
The Razo Rock BC Synthetic Silvertip Plissoft makes easy work of all Shaving Soaps and Creams and works equally well with a Shave Bowl or Face Lathering and it is uber soft on the face with an excellent amount of backbone. The quality of the handle and the knot is going to blow you away at this price point. All the RAZOROCK Plissoft and Silvertip Plissoft Shaving Brushes do not require soaking before each use, dry super quickly after each use and require absolutely no break-in period. Absolutely Amazing Shave Brush - 10/10

Here are a few nice photos of BC, with fiber details.
I think it's easy to find the differences with the classic Plissoft.

[Image: F37Z1xu.jpg]
[Image: j1ngMa2.jpg]

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Greetings from Ischia. Pierpaolo
I bought my clear resin handle 'BC Silvertip' brush from IB late 2017. I continue to use it at least every couple of weeks. It can 'fling lather' and doesn't splay nearly as nicely as my newer synths like the Simpson T3, and especially the Omega EVO, however, it whips up a terrific lather no matter (Williams Mug not included, hahahaha) what soap/cream I've thrown at it. I clean my brushes thoroughly after each use, and my BC Silvertip still looks brand new to me other than a few fine scratches on the bottom of the handle.

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