Santa Clarita, CA
I just have to give a big shout out to Joe for his Plissoft brush!

My first experience with a synthetic brush was the Fine Angel Hair I ordered the day Todd released them. I was extremely pleased with it and wanted to buy another to keep at work. I learned about the L'Occitane Plisson brush and ended up coming across a L'Occitane store that had them in stock so I got that instead. Fast forward to today; the Razorock Plissoft I ordered as a Christmas gift for my dad to go along with his B&M Leviathan soap and splash set arrived and... WOW! The knot size and loft are perfect; it feels very dense with more backbone than my Fine and Plisson brushes, the bulb shape of the knot is more to my liking than the other two brushes, and the handle weight and shape just feels better... I am very impressed, I know my dad will love it, and I had to go right back to IB and order another for myself. If I would have only discovered everything I have ordered this week at the same time I could have saved myself some shipping charges but oh well...

Oh! And another thing... I know Joe is swamped with orders but he is still managing to get things shipped out extremely quickly! The number of days that has passed between me placing an order and it arriving at my door all the way across the country is only rivaled by Amazon Prime and a couple of my other favorite/go to artisans.
It's a very good brush especially for the price. My order from Joe last week came in a week I ordered on Friday night and got it the following Friday, which, considering the post office doesn't ship on the weekends is very good in my eyes. I think the fact he has so many orders speaks to A. The time of year and Christmas coming and B wet shaving continues to grow. It's a great brush I agree. Frankly the Fine angel hair brush is horrid in comparison as I too have both.

Austin, TX
Have heard nothing but great things about these brushes and have one on the way to check out.

Glad you guys are enjoying!

Austin, TX
Have heard nothing but great things about these brushes and have one on the way to check out.

Glad you guys are enjoying!

Philadelphia, PA
I have 2 and love them....
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I have a tracking number and am optimistic mine will be here by the weekend.

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Could not agree more guys. I love my RazoRock Plissoft brush as well! If you like synthetics, you won't be disappointed.
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I have a few of these out for delivery tomorrow. I have been looking for a travel brush, and after losing my Wee Scot to my father, who travels about as much as a man can travel, I realized it should be in his possession if he really likes it. It had a bit too much scritch for me, and so I am looking forward to the Plissoft. If it does indeed have the backbone it is alleged to have, and if it dries as quickly as they say...
...I will be glad I spent the whopping $9 on each of them.
It's a great brush, but the handle could be better for me. The quality is great, but the shape doesn't fit my hand that well. There is a ridge the runs around the circumference in about the middle of the handle which is uncomfortable. I still use it daily though.

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Depending on the size of your handles, we also offer it in the Barber Handle version.

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