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Hey Guys,

I recently picked up all the new BBS Plates made by Razorock for the BBS Razor and put head shave reviews on YouTube.

The original plate is now called the "Standard" with the new ones being OC (open comb), A (aggressive) and AS (aggressive step)

Check them out and let me know what you think. I'm planning head-to-head (on the head!) videos of this series against the Game Changer series. 

What head-to-head would you like to see first? I encourage you to subscribe to the channel and help me build it up. Thanks! It's still early days.
  • BBS Standard vs Mamba 0.70
  • BBS OC vs Game Changer 0.68 OC
  • BBS OC vs Game Changer 0.84 OC
  • BBS AS vs Game Changer 0.84 Closed
  • BBS A vs Game Changer 0.68 Closed
  • BBS AS vs Lupo 0.72
  • Something else (explain in post)

I have most of these razors but missing a couple of plates which I will get to complete the review series. Looking forward to engaging all of you and putting together these reviews.

Enjoy the shave!

Here are the reviews in the order I created them:

BBS-OC Review
BBS-A Review
BBS-AS Review

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