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I've been shaving for about six months and have used the Mühle R89, Fatip Piccolo mk2, Charcoal Goods lvl 2 and RazoRock Lupo (aluminium). The Lupo has the best combination of effectiveness and mildness for me, although I'm still thinking the effectiveness could be better. Also the light weight makes the razor very easy to use. The Fatip and Charcoal Goods are too aggressive for me. I want to be able to use the razor as my daily driver.

Any tips on which other razors I could try with similar performance, but maybe a bit more effective?

My favorite razor is the Razorock Lupo (aluminum). I also have the stainless Lupo but prefer the aluminum. My recommendation would be the Razorock Game Changer (GC). I have both the .68 and .84 plates. I prefer the .68 as a daily driver, but the .84 is more efficient and requires careful technique. I recommend getting both plates at once, so you can determine which works best for you. The GC is a low profile lightweight head with totally covered blade, is easy to maneuver and shave under the nose. The GC is my next favorite razor to the Lupo. I have tried various handles on the GC, and have arrived at the perfect handle for me. It is the Tibam Bobcat (titanium). It has nearly perfect balance with the lightweight stainless GC head. The Bobcat is 12mm x 90mm. You cannot go wrong with the GC, since it is very high quality and is reasonably priced. I know you will like it.

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That’s one added to the list, thanks Smile.

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Just add a shim to the Lupo and that will improve its efficiency. No need to purchase another razor.

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Interesting idea. Could you give me some directions on how to approach this?

Have found some intructions!
If you find the Charcoal Goods Level2 too aggressive for you get the CG Level 1 base plate and swap it out. The CG smoothness will reward you as it’s far better than the Razorock Lupo (either metal). You won’t be sorry.
If you like the weight of the aluminum Timeless and Above the Tie have excellent aluminum razors
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But isn't the level 1 a sacrifice in effectiveness compared to the level 2? I do need the efficiency.
Save your money and stop looking now. Nothing compares to the Lupo. End of story. Anyone who recommends something is "similar" is lying.

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(03-29-2020, 05:01 PM)Tommy the cat Wrote: Interesting idea. Could you give me some directions on how to approach this?

Have found some intructions!

Good luck and I hope it works out for you.
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