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Assuming that the aluminum and stainless steel versions of the Lupo are the same:

Does anyone know what the blade gap is on the Razorock Lupo?

Is the Razorock Lupo considered "mild" or "mid-aggressive"?

Is the Razorock Lupo a "blade forward" design?

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I'm not sure of the blade gap, but I would consider it a mid-aggressive razor with some blade feel. I'm pretty sure the gap is less than the 0.84 Game Changer, but you can feel more of the blade. I've shaved with both the aluminum and stainless. The DLC coating felt draggy to me so I prefer the aluminum one. A polished stainless version would be great.

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I like a mild razor such as my Merkur Progress set at 2 or my Karve with the B plate. I have a Lupo and I consider it more aggressive than the two I just mentioned. I can’t shave with the Lupo every day.
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It’s a (modified) standard gap Wolfman WR1, right? If so, the gap should be .61mm.
(12-26-2019, 01:43 AM)pork Wrote: It’s a (modified) standard gap Wolfman WR1, right? If so, the gap should be .61mm.

That was what I was thinking, but I have never used a Lupo.
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I have also heard they were copies of the standard 0.61 gap Wolfman. Slightly more than a mild shaver but definitely drags when using ATG or XTG.
I was wondering the blade gap too. The lupo is a great smooth and efficient razor I find it to be similar to the Karve C plate but the blade gap on that is .85 but the blade exposure might be less.
I’d love to hear a direct comparison with the Lupo and the Wolfman WR1, if anyone owns both.

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