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I have issues with some razor reviews, these reviewers do not put in (which should be stated in the beginning or heading of the review) the type of razors they like/use and blades they use in their daily shavers. The reviewer will state that the razor does or does not give them a BBS, or damn fine but they do not state that they prefer mild, or mildly aggressive razors or aggressive. I have to hunt through the review to see if I would be interested in continuing to read, which to me is a pain since some people like to write a chapter and verse on that particular razor

For myself I have always liked aggressive razors (not all aggressive are the same, some are too harsh) as well as the feel of a blade. To begin with here is a list of some of the razors in my daily rotation, CG series 1 L3 DC, Wolfman 96 DC, Razorock Jaws, Asylum Rx v2 with a Timeless ti handle (pro-blade), British Streamline (Gem) with a Stork Consul 90 handle, Gillette Old Style 1918 Army J series with a Stork Aristocrat 90 ti. BBS1 with a shim, Gibs 15 modified (I put in blade tabs to hold the blade in place and had made a SS custom handle). For most of my razors I usually change out the handles for ones that will give me a better balance, the blades I use are Polsilver (Russian and Polish), Wizamet Super Iridium, London Bridge.

Now onto the Lupo. You don’t have to spend a car payment to get a beautiful razor. The Lupo 127 is a good example of this. I received an email from Italian Barber about the Lupo 127. I use Jaws and wanted to add another razor to my rotation, so I purchased the 127 and was delighted in the shave to the point that I have added the Lupo 127 to my rotation (I usually like OC and was happly suprised that the CC was so effecient).

I shave in 4 different directions for a BBS, the 127 was efficient in all directions to where the feedback when finishing a direction was almost nonexistent. I have found this razor to be a very smooth aggressive razor, leaving me with no irritation or weepers (I will only get weepers when I pay no attention to what I’m doing or when I forget to close down the head). To get the balance I want I paired the head with a Stork SS Darwin 90, which gives me excellent balance and wonderful aesthetics, as well as a good grip as I rotate the handle in my wet hand as I shave. For me this is a beautiful shaver and would recommend it to anyone that likes aggressive razors.

[Image: k4e5yFI.jpeg]

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Great review and another fellow aggressive razor user here. I just shaved with my Lupo 1.27 on Monday. It clears away several day stubble with no problems. It isn't my favorite razor, but it punches well above it's price. I love my Gamechanger 1.05 as well. Kind of wish they'd offer both of these RR razors in open comb as prior to the Lupo 1.27 my favorite was the Lupo .95 OC.

Agree with all points about reading reviews and without knowing what they usually use as far as aggressive or mild type razors you need to take things with a grain of salt. One man's aggressive is another man's mild. My first Wolfman was a .86/.91 DC and that was considered aggressive at that time. Since then I have a WR1 in 1.10OC/1.05OC. WR2s were considered aggressive up to 1.80. My last WR2 is 1.80SB/2.00OC. Bought a WR3 and the majority of people using them are using .60 or less, I'm going right to 1.00. WR4 most are .80 or lower and I'm going right to 1.25. I guess my reviews would be the reverse of your example you posted about, but at least I'm not shy in saying I love aggressive razors.

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Great response, you made me laugh, all the best take care

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