I have a Hawk V2 that does a very good job. I am looking to get a V3 and am looking at the A plate. Daily shaver with moderate to coarse gray beard. Appreciate any insight from those familiar with these razors. 

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StephenG  I have the V2 and previously owned the V3 with standard and OC plates. I have a fairly demanding beard profile and found the V3 standard plate was too mild, while the OC plate was a bit too aggressive, relative to its incremental increase in efficiency. I think the A might be a good fit, from what I have gathered from other posts, if you are looking for an increase in efficiency from the V2, otherwise the standard plate might be a consideration. Also, the V3 offered a nice step up in build quality, although it did come with a weight increase over the aluminum V2.

I keep telling myself I need to revisit that V2. I have kept it around for sentimental reasons but have since moved on to the Atelier Durdan La Faulx (after a stint with the Vector). I realize that the La Faulx is on the premium end of the price spectrum but definitely worth considering if you are branching out to other AC models.

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Which plate did you get for the La Faulx? I have read a lot of positive reviews and could be interested.
(04-07-2024, 01:29 AM)StephenG Wrote: Which plate did you get for the La Faulx? I have read a lot of positive reviews and could be interested.

I have the Classic and ++ plate. Although most of my experience has been with the Classic, with one important caveat: I have to use a Feather Pro Super to achieve the level of efficiency for my beard profile. I find many are happy with the Classic and relying on the in-built efficiency adjustment from more conventional AC blades. From memory, I believe the V2 would be close to the level of efficiency of the classic plate. If it is helpful, I could conduct a side by side shave comparing the Hawk V2 with the La Faulx Classic. I have sold off much of my AC blade library and only have Feather Pro, Feather Pro Super, and Kai Captain Titan Milds/PINKS (un guarded).

I am still evaluating how I feel about the efficiency vs comfort trade off of the ++ with say a Feather Pro vs the classic with a Feather Pro Super. But the ++ definitely increases the efficiency over the classic plate. And of course the + could be another option.

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I have the V3 Hawk OC and have only shaved with it once so far but it was a great efficient razor, way more efficient than expected but I am basing that on most DE razor formats.  Recently got into GEM styles and they are pretty efficient as well.  Like rocket I also have a La Faulx from Atelier Durdan.  Mine is +++ Ultra so probably more aggressive than you'd be looking for.  I'd highly recommend the Hawk V3 OC!

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