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ill be posting some pics soon. i bought the ivory chubby version. it got here this morning and used it tonight for the first time after soaking it and giving it a couple quick hand lathers to make sure it was nice and clean. there was very little odor almost none to begin with. the handle is almost flawless minus two very small dimples on the sides they are almost in the same spot on each side so im wondering if it was from something that was holding it not sure they are minor. it also has a good weight to it and for me at least its very comfortable in hand i could see it being a bit to large for some if they like a more narrow handle.

the knot is really awesome for the price especially and is where this brush shines. this imo doesnt compete with the 2 band silvertip i have from shavemac and is not as soft as my semouge olive wood le knot but for 60$ its a HELL of a knot and it comes close to some of my much more expensive knots. very soft with just a tiny bit of scrub has great backbone for a silvertip and it is pretty densely stuffed more so than i expected to be honest. i tried to find any major faults and i cant. the only minor thing i find is it does hog lather a bit, so i did load a bit more with mdc than i usually do. keep in mind the knot size at 28mm and its every bit of it.  bloomed awesome after just a few lathers this will remain in the den for sure and ill probably buy the other handle he offers as well when they come back in stock.

overall i would not hesitate to buy again nor would i hesitate to recc anyone to try one of these amazing brush at 60$. i did snap some pics and will post them soon the wife borrowed my camera and i dont have it here with me at the moment. and on a side note baby blue smells awesome lol
Just got the black handle. Currently trying to get a good lather with it - completely screwed my usual water/soap amounts, as this brush hold a LOT of water.

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I have the black one also. Very nice brush - mine does hog lather a bit but not enough to ruin the shave. Great face feel, nice and soft with just a touch of scrub. This brush won't replace my 2 bands in my den, but will augment it for those days when I want to build lather on my face with a cloud.

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Mine arrived and I have been able to get a couple of shaves with it.  I concur, this thing holds a ton of water.  Almost to the point where it takes a full 24 hours to dry.  Depending on the climate where one lives, I could see this thing taking two days to dry even with proper post shave care. 

Price.  For the money I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better brush.  Weight is good and this thing is loaded with hair.  Feels soft on the face and has tremendous backbone.  This is a large brush which, means it uses a lot of soap.  To gain a proper lather and three pass shave this thing packs more than enough punch with one load/lathering. 

Comparing this to a 300.00 brush wouldn't be a fair assessment because price and quality determine value.  Taking that equation into account, this is a tremendous value.  This is a real quality brush that should last years and would be a welcome addition to anyone's den.  I also like the fact at the price point it's a very quality item that I, and many, could afford to purchase as a gift as the holidays grow near.

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What, no pics?!
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Someone needs to PIF these guys a camera.

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Notice I never promised pics!!!  Smile But here are some [Image: LSQaliA.jpg][Image: lb9ZqHV.jpg][Image: JUbWQjG.jpg][Image: ga7U60T.jpg]

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Those pics look promising. It shows the full bloom nicely and the engraved base.

That is a great looking brush. Nothing flashy about the handle, but I bet it is quite ergonomic.

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got a second one today i bought for a friend and he was here to open it so i got to see it. and wow it feels like a totally different knot. this one is MUCH softer and has much less backbone then the first one i have. the first one requires a bit of pressure to splay not this one, it easily splays. its also a tad bit less dense. but this one bloomed way out to the sides where mine blooms nice but not like this one. the first one feels a lot more like a 2 band with a tiny bit of scub and a good amount more backbone. this one we got today is just super soft. while he was here we lathered his up and it did not hog as much lather as mine.

mine looks more similar to the one pictured above. if these knots were in different handles honestly i would have not known it was the same knot. also the black band on this one is canted a bit to one side almost touching the tips on one side. overall still a very nice brush but i was surprised at how much different it feels. like i said i would have not known they were supposed to be the same knot. both are excellent and honestly not sure which one i actually like better.
No pics of the differences or the canted band?

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