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What is the purpose of a metal stand that holds a single DE razor upright on a counter or other surface? Is it just for appearance, or is it somehow beneficial for the razor? I think some of the stands look pretty nice, but I think most razors look quite good just lying on their side.

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Just a thought, John, but besides some of the round base type stands looking sharp, for someone who has quite a few razors, being able to stand them upright may take up less storage space, such as in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

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Plenty of handles have flat ends and can stand up without a dedicated stand but the matching stand secures the razor and complements it from an artistic perspective. It’s purely for aesthetic purposes - it looks good and appears high end. When you are paying over $100 for a razor the matching stand sets it apart from the mass produced $30 razor. Your razor will dry and/or patina in any position. Now for rounded bottom handles you would need a stand to have it upright as it’s a function of geometry.

IMHO stands are cosmetic.
I like wild west razor stands. they are unique but resin
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Cem89 Do you have a link for the Wild West razor stands please.
(05-12-2019, 09:14 AM)Kev.may Wrote: Cem89 Do you have a link for the Wild West razor stands please.

He doesn't make or sell them very often. But you might be able to custom order one.

For me, it's purely cosmetic. I only have one stand and although it fits my Rex very nicely, I'm more than happy displaying some of my favorite razors in an old 5-pipe stand.

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