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Can you clarify if that was a Feather Pro or a Feather Super Pro blade? I heard you say both in the course of the video.

Glad you liked it and thanks for sharing your impressions of it.

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>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

Chazz Reinhold HOF
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As much as I enjoy the reviews, prototypes like this should be tested, in my humble opinion, with a nice three day growth. Test it against some heavy facial stuff! Nice job nevertheless!

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I used feather pro on this video.

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I certainly understand but for me this wouldn't be a legitimate test as I never accumulate three days growth at any time. The most I'll ever go is two days and that is extremely rare. The best test for me is to use it as a daily driver for a number of days, which is what I'll be doingSmile

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Fair enough!

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