I'm off work this week and to tell you the truth I'm getting kind of bored so after a new razor delivery I started to do the unthinkable and started to think about stuff!
I started in this game about 3 years ago this month and after the usual Edwin Jagger DE89 Amazon purchase I decided to broaden my horizons and I bought a Merkur Futur in the matte finish.
From the beginning I had some horrible shaves from it particularly on the neck and I found the spring housing unit that the blade sat on had play in it and the blade would shift during the shave. This caused the blade to to be over exposed and uneven at the corners of the head imparting the nasty shaves.
Fortunately Brian at Executive Shaving was happy to take it back and I exchanged it for a Merkur Progress instead which worked well for me.
One of my colleagues at work who got me into this shaving lark loaned me his Futur over Christmas and the shave could not have been more different. What an efficient and close shaver the Futur is, I used it exclusively over Christmas and decided to get one again. It arrived this week and has continued to provide A+ shaves, I absolutely love it.
Does anybody else have similar stories of products, razors in particular that flattered to deceive but redeemed itself further down the line?

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Excellent story! I had a similar experience with the Muhle R41. Long story short, I bought and sold this razor twice before I read a thread on DFS related to chasing and expecting the elusive BBS shave while doing the injustice of constantly changing our razors or seeking the newest and greatest without spending enough time with what you got (excellent thread, thanks for those that weighed in). I said screw it, going to tame this monster, use the grande handle it came with ( I swapped it out for a heavier handle previously) and shave until I get consistent BBS shaves without any bloodletting. I purchased an additional R41 (the twist) and it is now my DAILY driver. I love it and have since put up all the razors that were ok or good Up for sale. furthermore, using one razor allows me to somewhat objectly experiment with both blades and soaps. I now understand which soaps truly provide good cushion and glide (for me)and those blades that are smooth, sharp, rough or wear more quickly.

I don't have the variety I use too, but what I have works well for me.

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Agreed, with all the choice most of us have , it doesn't allow us to have a consistent line up of products. I can't remember the last time I used the same set up 2 days in a row. I had the R41 in the beginning and got along fine with it to thr point I wouldn't bleed every shave but it rarely was a comfortable shave despite the smooth results with little more than 1 pass and touch ups. Thanks for the insight.

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