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Russia, Rybinsk
It was with this pen that I opened production. The name TiBam is deciphered as "titanium bamboo."
Elegant grip, floral design.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Razor-Handle-Ti...Swe51Z6kKS[Image: qlUcEvZ.jpg]


Length: 104mm
Diameter: 14mm

Dimensions can vary depending on your desire

This handle is compatible with most safety razors (Double Edge and Single Edge): Above the Tie, Mongoose, Edwin Jagger, Feather AS-D2, Gillette, Ikon, Merkur, Wolfman, Maggard, Muhle, Parker, BBS-1, Rocnel, Rockwell, B&R, Barbaros, RazoRock, Weber, and many others

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