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(Yesterday, 10:22 PM)RayClem Wrote: Based on the results of this shave, I am currently rating this blade as 5 sharpness, but only 3.5 smoothness. However, I plan to use this same blade again on Thursday to see how it performs on its second use. I am hoping it smooths out. The ratings will be revised if warranted based on the second shave. Because this blade is currently available only in 10 packs for $7, the blades are not a great value.

The evaluation spreadsheet has been updated.


Interesting trade off. A slight increase in sharpness for a reasonable drop off in smoothness. Not sure it’s a fair trade! I still have plenty of the KCG blades and will further experiment in less aggressive razors. However, once they’re gone, at the current price they will not likely be replaced.

The issue is that extremely sharp blades can be fragile depending upon how they are sharpened, the type of steel used, and how they are heat treated. I do not use Japanese kitchen knives because they are too easily damaged in use and storage unless you are quite careful. In my kitchen, they would get damaged.

For someone with a tough beard, but skin that is not super sensitive, the Chinese KCG blades might be seen as an improvement. For someone with super sensitive skin like mine, I would rather see a smoother blade, even if it not quite as sharp. I followed my usual shave procedure of using the Karve C-plate razor for four passes (WTG, XTG, ATG, and cleanup with buffing). If I had stopped after three passes, the shave might not have been quite as close and I might not have gotten the same irritation, but I am trying to keep things as constant as possible. For someone whose skin can tolerate it, a one-pass shave with the KCG blade might be a possibility in an efficient razor.

Also, while I might not enjoy using the blade for a four pass shave, I might be able to use it in a slightly less aggressive razor such as my Timeless TI 0.68 for the ATG and clean-up passes with no irritation.  

For all these reasons, I am not saying any blade is "better" than another. I am just reporting comparative sharpness and smoothness ratings. There are just too many variables in shaving to state that one blade is best and another is not. 

The same thing can be said of shaving soap evaluations. While I have sensitive, dry skin and appreciate the moisturizing and conditioning properties of artisan soaps, some shavers have oily skin that is less sensitive. They might not enjoy artisan soaps at all. I do not enjoy Italian shaving soaps, but they might be perfect for those who live in Italy and other countries near the Mediterranean. No two shavers are identical.

Yeah, it's hard to say which is better. It depends on who you ask. I feel like I might lean a little bit more towards smoothness than something that's wicked sharp because of the fact that a lot of my razors are aggressive. Therefore, I don't need a super sharp blade but I want a smooth shave. Though when I used the Zorrik Super Platinum you sent me in my Lupo 127, the lack of sharpness was felt. In my app, I only gave the overall shave a rating of 3.5 stars. I'm guessing it's due to the lack of sharpness, there was just too much drag it felt like. However, the Zorrik Super Stainless I used it the Fatip Grande OC was fantastic. I have to say, my reaction was actually shocked as to how smooth and efficient to shave was as the Fatip doesn't come off as a super aggressive razor. Like you said, there are way too many variables to state something like "this is the greatest or this is the worst blade ever!" With some of the blades you have tested, I have had similar results and different results than you had. The reviews are a good starting point to have an idea of where a blade is and then try it with various razors and find one that hopefully works with my personal preferences and/or needs. But it's all half the fun. I get excited, trying a new blade or trying a new blade in a different razor.

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