thoughts on the ol' barbaros tr-1 razor. if there's anything you want to ask, feel free to ask here or in the youtube comments.


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When you say it's mild, what do you mean later when you say you feel a lot of the blade?

Is it aggressive at certain angles and mild at others? Or are you saying something else?

I like the level of aggression on mine, but I'm a fan of the AS D2 too. So I totally get that a lot of people might want a step up maybe. My Wolfman is about a notch away from my comfort level for an everyday shaver. I've decided to order a notch milder one when I eventually get to order. For now though I'm really enjoying the Barbaros way more than I expected I would.

I don't shave my head though, so I'm wondering if you're picking up on something I haven't noticed yet with the blade angle or exposure.

I'm also happy with the width of the cap. Can still feel the blade tabs without having them jut out really far.

Do you have a Tradere or Pils to compare?

I've yet to change up blades here with the Barbaros. Maybe I'll do so and see how it goes. Thinking of using a Kai or Bolzano.

The price comment is a bit off. Granted your Wolfman was before pricing went up. Not sure of the exchange rate at the moment, but when new orders are accepted it looks to me like a Wolfman head with a handle is going to be around $300 Canadian. Almost $240 US? The Barbaros is $170 now plus shipping?

I feel you on the finish. Not really a deal breaker for me either, and no comparison to a Wolfman, but it's not really in the same price range. The difference is $50 - $60 US or so today, but I'd expect the Wolfman to absolutely have a better fit and finish for that $50 more.

Nice video. Interesting perspective.
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Eric, as always nicely done.  bakerbarber I do own a PILS and the PiLS offers a much better shave.  But, they are very different heads, so I'm sure that has plenty to do with it.

The finish was the deal breaker for me, but no more so than the actual dents.   When I got mine I was very disappointed.  I got a partial refund, but it taught me a valuable lesson about gambling on Kickstarter like ventures.  Next time I just wait until people try them first.

Performance is not bad and the customer service is nice.  I'll probably do the same as Eric and send mine to get refinished or polished.
Thanks hrfdez I am interested in the Pils too.

One of the few razors from when I got into DE shaving that I've often thought about buying but couldn't justify due to the widely differing opinions on it.

Thing is, if I get one, I'll be trying to put a custom handle on it. Ha ha one thing leads to another.

Used my Wolfman today though and it is like @"uncle_dubya" says, the handle almost spins itself on it's so precisely made. I'm just so impressed by the Wolfman I don't know if any other new razor will ever excite again. James has set the bar fairly high I think. 

I'll never be a one razor guy, but the Barbaros is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Still need to give it a go with different blades. I hope Hasan sticks with it and broadens his offerings in the future too. I'd hate to see him throw in the towel like Tradere did and just turn the lights out.
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