Trying to do some research for work.
Please take a second to answer and share if you would:
When was the last time you used a phone book? Help me out with this quick survey: https://goo.gl/forms/Ya2zmymGODacWAZp2
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Philadelphia, PA
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just a rant...why are phone books delivered to every single house? I immediately toss them in my recycling bin when they're dropped on my door step. surely they could save money, time and labor by sending out a form so people could specify whether they want a phone book or not..
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Good one. Submitted. The telephone book delivered yearly, local newspapers, and junk mail "thanks for giving me trash to throw out", also a waste of paper and ink.

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I think the only time USA Today is read these days is in hotel bathrooms around the country. Smile
Done. Phone books...I remember when those were relevant. I think it was terminator 1 when Arnold found Sarah Conner through the phone book. That's when pay phones still existed to...

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Philadelphia, PA
I used to keep a phone book around for 'just in case' scenarios, but I literally never opened it in years so I just toss them immediately now...such a waste.
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Submitted. I still use a phone book from time to time and definitely read a daily newspaper. (You mean people don't!?  Confused)
I like the WSJ at work.

We don't get a phone book anymore. We get a big pile of ads with a mini business section. No residential numbers. I throw it away.

So many people, like me, don't even have a home phone anymore. If you don't have a land line, are you even listed in the book?

I can lookup a number straight from the dialer with my cell phone. 99% of the time I have numbers and addresses stored in my phone for people and businesses I already know too.
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We don't even get phone books anymore. I didn't know they still made them.
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