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I'm thinking about buying my first hone, and have decided on the Norton 4/8. Seems like the stone the majority probably start with. I am currently using lapping film and getting great edges, but would like to try water stones. But I do not have the budget to develop HAD. A 4/8, followed by a 12k in the future, will be the goal.
I currently set a bevel on 2k wet or dry, but I know from reading on the forums that it is possible to set the bevel on the 4k side of the Norton. Also, I know for $50-$70 I can get a decent 1k bevel setter later, and that's in the plan for the future, but I prefer to start with the 4/8. But these stones will pretty much be it for me, I think.
So I have a few questions.
Firstly, I have read somewhere that the 4k/8k is now manufactured somewhere else, but don't remember where. Mexico, maybe? Has there been any decline in quality that would make this stone less useable than what it has been for decades? Is this still a solid choice for a beginner like me?
Also, I plan to keep it level with plate glass and 400 wet or dry. Is this grit correct, or do I need something finer?
Finally, other than an initial lapping before first use, what, if any, other prep do I need before this stone is ready for use?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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I am not a master honer or anything similar, however I have been keeping chisels, planes, even screwdrivers sharp or edged for many years. Although in the last 18 months Iv'e found out I could have been doing it quicker and better lol. I personally have never been a lover of the Norton range(in UK they are dearer than US), but have used some generic stones sold in builders merchants ect and managed to keep my tools working effectivly.
Since starting down the straight razor route however I have discovered some fantastic info, help and different ways of doing things. I am a member of a UK forum called The Shaving Room, and a long standing member on there, who it happens has sadly passed away this week, named Niel Miller, has a fantastic write up on honing and hones. Absolutely invaluble IMHO if your'e not in the know, and possibly even if you are!
I dont think I'm breaking any rules anywhere putting this up, but if I am I appologise now, but I believe write ups like this should be shared!
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The 8k side is made in Italy. The 4k side in Mexico is then glued to the 8k side(in Mexico). Both sides start of very gritty. That layer needs to be lapped off. It's a significant amount that needs to be lapped before it smooths out actually. You CAN set the bevil on the 4k side but I wouldn't. If cost is an issue, get a Norton Fine India stone for about $20 or less. It's an oil stone so you'll need to use oil with it and clean the blade well before going to a water stone. Just a suggestion because setting a bevil on 4k could take a long time.

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Get some 320 or 400 SIC powder for lapping It's cheaper and faster than Wet/Dry sandpaper.

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Oh my goodness! Neil has passed. That is a blow to the community, everywhere. Sad to hear.

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