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They have aftershave, toner, and balm...can anyone help with the difference between the toner and balm? I have really sensitive skin and use Nancy Boy aftershave gel or Jack Black balm post-shave followed by a moisturizer that leave my skin refreshed, not as red as immediately after shaving, and soft.

I'm assuming (1) using both toner and balm would be duplicative and (2) the balm is the one to go with but was interested in other opinions.


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The balm is like a cream or a gel and the toner is a liquid - just like the aftershave but no alcohol or very little. I'm not sure of the ingredients . I don't think getting toner and balm would be duplicative - the aftershave and toner have more in common than the balm and either of the toner/AS in my opinion.

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And I forgot to add that the toner is pretty soothing too, although if irritation is a problem I'd probably go with the balm. One of the things I've noticed with WK balms though is that they don't seem to carry the scent as well as the other two media. I don't know if its an ingredient thing bu thats been my experience.
Thanks! With the amount of redness and irritation I usually get, scent is way down the priority chain...

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I have world's worst damaged sensitive skin and use Thayers Med Witch Hazel, Pitralon AS, ABC Balm after every shave - have to. ABC outrageously priced but by far best for me.

Have a friend though that swears by WK Balm and he is pretty picky, even likes it better than ABC balm and his finances are practically unlimited RE shaving - buys what works for him irrespective of price
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Besides alcohol, the aftershave splash has menthol. Personally, I don't like menthol in shaving products, but many people do. The toner and balm do not have menthol OR alcohol.

The toner goes on very light, but is still soothing. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, and free of irritation. I use this almost every time I shave. The added scent is subtle. Love it!

The balm works well for dry skin. A little goes a long way. There's a slight nutty scent that I assume comes from the base ingredients. It is very faint. I don't smell the added scent at all. I don't usually need this, but when I do, it works great.

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