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Has anybody used a software program to learn another language?  If so, which one, was it worth it and can you now speak the other language?

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I've been using the Duolingo app on my phone for about five years now. I'm no where near being fluent but that's probably because I only do one lesson a day (a lesson only takes about 2 to 3 minutes). Also, it is much easier for me to read/write Spanish than it is to speak it.

Other apps/programs you might check out would be Babbel.com and Rosetta Stone (i have the app for Rosetta Stone but prefer the Duolingo)

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Interesting topic and I’ll subscribe. Would like to learn Spanish. I am fairly fluent in English as it’s my native tongue and I speak Japanese. Learned “sailor #$&*” by marrying my Montana girl.

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When I started to make a decision on what product I would try, Babbel was on the top of my list.  That is until I began reading web sites like this one.


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On Monday I plan on taking a 7 day free course with Pimsleur.  If I like it I will start a monthly program.
Duolingo is the way to go.
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