In my old house I put my lather bowl in the sink of hot water while I shaved. I always had lovely hot lather. The new house has a pedestal sink with steep sides. I can't put the bowl in their without it floating. I decided I needed a scuttle.

I looked at Georgetown Pottery and Dirty Bird but the prices were more than I wanted to pay. An internet search was not too helpful though there are a lot of hand-thrown ones on Etsy.

An Amazon search only showed a few. I never heard of Q Shave but the look and price were right. $18.99 due to a $1 off coupon.
[Image: vO1ygKV.jpg]

It has a silicone stopper but I don't always use it.

My shave routine includes a cordless hot water pot. In less than 5 minutes I have hot water to fill the sink and the scuttle.
[Image: FnVAku6.jpg]

I have to make sure the water is not too hot as that can dry out and breakdown my lather. Other than that minor concern the scuttle works great. The ridges whip up a nice lather and the scuttle keeps it nice and hot. A great feel here in northern NH.
[Image: kdkpsqC.jpg]

I would recommend this scuttle. It also comes in white. It is affordable and one usually spends enough to get free shipping. It has upped my shaving experience.


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I have a dirty bird scuttle which is great especially on cold winter days.
Great ! I love it

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