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Arizona, USA

Lather Blaster 3K Limited Edition: Another One From The Vault

Scent Profile: Talc, Sandalwood, Bourbon, Tobacco Absolute, Peruvian Mirra Resin, Indonesian Brown Damar Resin, Strawberry Aldehyde.

[Image: kRo0fyi.jpg]

Well folks, Fran and I are really thrilled that we were able to fit this in somewhere on the summer calendar for you all! I have to admit it's been somewhat of a juggling act but we are very aware how much many of you, especially in the fan group, wanted another go at Lather Blaster 3000. So we did what we had to and whip up another batch of this legend of a fragrance! But be warned: IT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE LONG! (Sadly, we still have seasonals we need to squeeze out before September...but we are trying to please!

The kiss of Strawberry Aldehyde adds a kind of electric zing which plays really well with the tobacco note. The tree resins not only work as natural fixatives for the scent but also add a nice warm, vanilla-esque balsam and a resinous note that really grounds the accord. Lastly, the talc on top softens the Indian Sandalwood even more, making for a truly classic, creamy barbershop blend that melts like butter on the skin!

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