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Has anyone used Prohibition Style soap? I've seen it around for a little while but I've never heard any feedback on it that didn't come from the maker. I noticed that Fendrihan just started carrying it so I'm a little curious. Its priced at CDN$29 which is on the high end for shaving soap unless its over the top good. I'd welcome any feedback from anyone who has actually used this soap.


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I have their Bourbon Barrel scent. I really like how it smells. It takes a little extra work to make a nice lather. But I think that's from the different types of ingredients used. Which I think is also what drives up the price somewhat. But, once you get lathering down it has great slickness. There are a lot YouTube shavers who have much more experience than I do and they have nothing but good things to say about it. Hope this helps.

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This thread might be of interest to you. I personally wouldn't pay $30 for one of their soaps.


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Thanks wyze0ne and Lockbutcher for your feedback. Its always good to get others' opinions on some of these new soaps. I think I might wait a bit before trying out one of these.

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I did a review on one of the soaps this past week. I'll just post it here:

[Image: TAJiDo5.jpg]


Soap: Prohibition Peaky Blinders
Brush: 28mm Paladin Churchill Disco Haze
Razor: Blackland Blackbird
Blade: Gillette Nacet
Post: Wholly Kaw Mélange de Santal

So I was sent this soap by Justin to review after not being very happy with the other soaps he made and not leaving the best reviews. Sorry about that. But here we are now a new base to try and hopefully better reviews.

This scent is based on D.R. Harris Arlington. I'm not a fan of this scent even the D.R. Harris version so I'm not focusing much on that just the performance. I'm not giving any knocks on scents cause it's personal.

This is a vegan soap but very heavy on the fats so should be very moisturizing and have a good post shave feel.

The soap loads pretty easy but because of the high fat content you'll really have to load your brush but not a problem for many. It lathers easily and with the high fat content can handle water well. The lather kinda reminds me of Stirling a bit if that helps anyone out.

Shave had no issues. Slickess was solid but I've learned depending on the day a soap can be super slick or the razor doesn't budge in my water. The residual slickness was better so I assume in better water it would be slicker.

Post shave feel I'd say is solid. I did have a weird residual slickness and I'm going to assume it's from the Olive Oil just based on other soaps I've used with it. Not a fan of olive oil in shave soaps but it's not much of a make or break in this soap since it's so far down the ingredient list.

So difference from this and the other base? Night and freaking day this is much better in almost every way. I would like to see the other scents move to this base.

Now I do have a negative, the price. It's an expensive tub of soap pushing the luxury and high end soaps. I don't think this soap is there just yet but could get there with some tweaking and packaging upgrade to get that luxury feel for it. Or if possible drop the price and even drop the amount of soap in the tub to 4oz.

That's my review and thoughts on the prohibition vegan soap base. It's much, much better and a step in the right direction but I just feel a few more tweaks are needed and it could be a really good soap especially with the reach prohibition style has.

tl;dr - It's solid stuff but there is much better for less and some high end soaps for a few bucks more.

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Brushes. I can't stop buying brushes.

BTW have any brushes???

First post here and I'm currently searching around for reviews on this line of soaps myself.
I'll check the Freedburg review as I find that he's pretty detailed with his analysis.

In regards to the high cost, Stonefield shaving company has a small selection of these soaps for $19.99 CAD.

I'm not sure which formula they are though.

Prohibition Style 5 Butter Shaving Soap "Bourbon Barrel" Sandalwood-Teak & Bamboo- Sweet Bourbon

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