I have been brought up with too things...I like to think.....Manners and Presentation. I want to touch on presentation and what sort of things you like.

For me I like thinks that look slick, well put together, I like tradition but also like a rebelous twist. Without this I find myself lacking appreciation for some otherwise good products, this is not just evident in my love of wet shaving but other hobbies.

I have put together a few pictures of products some you may know and others you might not, they are some of the products that have lured me in on their packaging before I have even tried them however most if not all have ended up being great. So I often ask my self the question is great presentation linked to the effectiveness of the product?

What products have lured you in on packaging alone? Don't be shy we all do it!

[Image: XJyJION.jpg][Image: KXRyTVX.jpg]
[Image: 1C968nP.jpg]
[Image: MQtv7HA.jpg][Image: XRhDrCp.jpg]
[Image: H5cP2m4.jpg]
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

Never heard of that coffee before but I would get the Mexican blend. That packaging looks cool

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Presentation can definitely lure me but only if I like the ingredients as well. CRSW has an excellent presentation and the soaps have the ingredients I prefer. Considering I don't like tins the presentation for CRSW won me over, thus I feel that is a good example in my case. LASSC on the other hand has very poor presentation but still charges premium prices. I don't understand why they can't come up with a better label at least. Some may say it's the performance that matters and I would agree if we were talking about Haslinger at $6 to $8 a puck, but LASSC charges anywhere from $16 to $28 for 4oz of soap. I did finally buy two samples of LASSC recently to try and one is the $28 Bespoke that's loaded with a ton of essential oils. Unfortunately I don't like either scent but Bespoke was tolerable so I shaved with it once. It exploded in lather in seconds and performed very well but no better than Catie's Bubbles or Soap Commander which cost $2.50 per ounce, but a great soap nonetheless.

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Austin, TX
I like Dia de los Muertes, sugar skulls and other such stuff too.

Some raw flour tortillas:

[Image: t8UOxmEl.jpg]

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Ha Kevin I live that, it is right up my street. Anyone with this sort of packaging has me hook line and sinker for a purchase Smile
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

Woodstock, VT
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Haslinger (year of Haslinger 2016)
Savon du Moulin
Czech & Speake refill pucks

Actually if I can comment simple packaging has lured me! I have gone the other way. Presentation used to be important but not any longer. I actually tired of it. Quality product and performance (like the 3 above without the expensive vessels) is what matters these days and much prefer it this way. Also keeps the shave cave manageable and straightforward.

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Southern Ohio
I am enjoy the retro - 1880's to the turn of the century look.  Package and ads like this will have me take a second look.

[Image: 2ea138956b82a884b72f8296d042c522.jpg]

[Image: meats.jpg]

[Image: elgin_father_time.png]

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