I guess you can tell I'm searching for a new strop.

So anyway do you prefer a 2 and 1/2 inch leather strop?

or do you prefer a 3in leather

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3-inch strops as they eliminate the need to do the x-strokes, which isn't a difficult thing to do, but it is just another thing to simplify the stropping process. Shy

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3 inches for the reason stated above. The x stroke adds complexity and increases the likelihood of nicking the leather.

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I use a 3" strop for the same reasons the others have given. I could buy a 2" or 2 1/2" and learn to use x-strokes; but right now there's no need.

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2-1/2"/70-75mm Kanoyama works fine for me.

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3" is the way to go. Also, if you are committed to using a straight, it is worth spending extra to get a good one. I think of the price beginning at $75 for a good one. I have a Straight Razor Designs, 20 inch, English Bridle Leather with a nylon webbing strop as well and couldn't be more happy. It was about $95.

One caution. I would encourage a less expensive strop when you first begin. You will cut the first one to pieces. Whipped Dog has a little starter strop that is hard to beat for that. You could also get one of Straight Razor Designs less expensive latigo leather strops and replace the leather with good English Bridle Leather once you find your groove.

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2 1/2. It’s traditional, less prone to cupping and learning the x-stroke comes in handy when honing or using travel strops.
When must I worry about cupping issues with a leather strop? Not interested in seeing that happen.
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I'll never use anything less than 3" wide. I always tell anyone asking for my advise to go for a 3"strop.

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I much prefer a 3" strop. I learned on a 3" and find the X stroke too complicated to learn now. It isn't difficult but I don't want to cut a strop trying to learn.

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