What kind of pre-shave soap do you use? I tried some regular, drug store soaps to clean my face before a shave, but couldn't find anything that didn't burn/caused irritation later on. Any suggestions from the more experienced guys here? I don't mind investing in an expensive product, but it's a bit of a gamble for me in Israel (shipping etc. are a serious overhead), so I'll defer to statistics Smile

Thanks in advance!

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I've had good luck with Bulldog sensitive face wash: http://us.meetthebulldog.com/products
Also, Shea Moisture has a nice scrub, but not for daily use. Bert's Bees makes a good sensitive wash, too.
Thanks! I'm looking for something for a daily use.

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I used Dove Men+Care face wash for a while and it worked nicely. Unscented, no scrubby bits, very mild.

You could also look for a soap that's 100% olive oil, or at least a large % olive oil. They tend to be very gentle on the skin, but don't make a lot of bubbly lather unless they have some extra ingredients like coconut oil or castor oil in the mix. Other oils that make very gentle, skin friendly soap include lard and tallow.

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