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do you use one or the other or both? are they both supposed to do the same thing?
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I use pre-shave oil, not pre-shave soap. I like that very thin bit of extra protection it offers though some think it is a waste.

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I wash my face daily with Cerave hydrating cleanser which coincidentally has glycerin high in the ingredients list and since I always shower before I shave I guess that helps similar to other pre shave glycerin soaps. I have also found for me that a light pre shave oil does benefit my skin not in the area of slickness but as an added layer of protection. For the price I've settled on the Maggards house brand Unscented pre shave oil which has a nice combo of oils in it but is much thinner than AOS. And while you can make your own for cheap...you also have to buy more than you need to tinker with a recipe until you get it right. For around $7 the Maggard brand does fine and has lasted for a long time. 3-4 drops only per shave and my bottle has lasted for a long time. It doesn't seem to interfere either with my lather or with clogging my razor or sink.

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When I use soap that lack the kind of slickness I look for, I wash my face with Mystic Water goat milk soap. I think it does a good job, but it may well be placebo effect.
Oils. About half the time I dispense with soap entirely as I find shave oil gets the job done.

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I always wash my face before shaving in order to remove any bad bacteria that I don't want introduced to my blood stream while shaving.

Most of the time I don't use shaving oil. When learning to wet shave, I used it and think it helped. Once I mastered wet shaving with a safety razor I stopped using it. Now, I'm learning to shave with a straight and am using it again.

Also, If I shower and can't shave immediately, I'll put oil on to keep the hair hydrated.
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I do a pre-touchup oil.

Like many here, I'm in the habit of doing some touching up after rinsing off all the soap. Recently I've started slapping on some RazoRock shaving oil after rinsing & I've found it to help with the touch-up.

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