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OK, just hear me out.
I know this article is written by a women, for women. That said, most of us wetshavers buck many taboos in our daily rituals. That includes using products for females, and our spouses using our products. This is a good read article and may help male and female alike. I found it informative.

For backstory, I am a headshaver. Have been for yrs. But it is mostly seasonal for me. While on active duty, if my melon wasnt shaved already, I would start doing so as soon as I found out I was being deployed. I always felt this helped to "season" my scalp. Far too many times I saw kids (used loosely) shave their heads a few days before deploying and within the first 48 hrs on site, they looked like a big glowing red lightbulb in the night. I dont know if you ever had a scalp burn, but its a new level of pain that makes you find prayer comforting.

I am lucky to have a spouse that slathers me in sunblock when I am out for extended periods. I dont think this product would help me because I would just sweat it off in short order. But I do see it helpful to a person that has to make occasional outdoor showings where appearances would matter. ie execs, politicians, instructors, uniformed officials, etc.

At any rate, I found this article informative and hope you do too.

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Thanks for the article and I like your new signature! Congratulations on the ban. Big Grin

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Thank you Celestino. The title mentioned headshaving so naturally it caught my attention.
As for the other, I would say, it was all in a days work, but in actuality, it was totally without effort.
B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
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True irony

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