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I came across this photo with old polsilver/Wizamets blades made in old Łódź factory in Poland.

Currious if anyone have some of them or available to buy. I been kindly given a brown pack and so Thankful for it as it’s rare..

It would be nice to find some of them available and kick around, I did contact some friends in Poland to try to find me some of them that are shown in picture.

It’s too bad they shut old Łódź factory there is a lot of history there that’s for sure.

Let me know what you think..


Alan H

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They used to be available at shaving.ie and I bought a few tucks some years ago.
All gone now.
They are very good blades but I didn't pursue further because I thought my
current Polsilvers were almost identical in performance.
Good blades but Wizamets fall in same category for me.

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