I have been using the PolSilver Super Iridiums and like them.  Is there are any noticeable difference in those made by Wizamet?

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Subscribing! Interested to know myself. I was recently introduced to Wizamets and pleasantly surprised by the performance. They may replace GSB as my favorites.
They are the same blade:


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If there is a difference I certainly can't articulate it well enough.
Im using both side by side these days.

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Pretty much the same blade in my opinion and quite a few excellent deals from sellers on the bay in Morocco.

Glad to hear this.
I don’t really notice a difference. At some point, it made more sense to buy wizamets due to the price increases of polsilvers.
The last one mentioned in the other thread accepted a price offer of 60$ for 500 blades, I'd say that's about the best deal you can get.
Aren’t the Wizmet blades the earlier and prior packaged Polsilver ones. Same blade but older packaging ?

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