I have been using the PolSilver Super Iridiums and like them.  Is there are any noticeable difference in those made by Wizamet?

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Subscribing! Interested to know myself. I was recently introduced to Wizamets and pleasantly surprised by the performance. They may replace GSB as my favorites.
They are the same blade:


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If there is a difference I certainly can't articulate it well enough.
Im using both side by side these days.

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Pretty much the same blade in my opinion and quite a few excellent deals from sellers on the bay in Morocco.

Glad to hear this.
I don’t really notice a difference. At some point, it made more sense to buy wizamets due to the price increases of polsilvers.
The last one mentioned in the other thread accepted a price offer of 60$ for 500 blades, I'd say that's about the best deal you can get.
Aren’t the Wizmet blades the earlier and prior packaged Polsilver ones. Same blade but older packaging ?

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I believe there’s a difference between these blades up to some unknown point in time ...after which they are essentially the same. What I mean is I have what I consider to be true NOS Wizamet Iridium Super blades. No date codes anywhere. The wax dots are smaller and dried up significantly. They look old. These are the best blades I have ever used. Remarkably sharp and smooth right out of the gate. I also have Wizamet Iridium Super blades that while purchased as NOS actually have date codes stamped on the side of the tuck , some of which are only a few years old. Shiny new looking blades with fresh larger wax dots. Of course all varieties of either WIS and PSI have the same blade markings. My personal belief is that there was a point where Wizamet Iridium Super was possibly different from Polsilver Super Iriduim. Now I believe the newer ones are essentially the same as Polsilver Super Iridium and that the Wizamet packaging is still being produced for different markets possibly. The newer Wizamets shave identical to the Polsilvers I have. The older (non date coded ones) shave better. Who knows

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